Try using S+ and S-rank from the Honor of Kings Mid Lane the tier list to secure easy win in this season.

Honor of Kings (HoK) has launched globally on June 20, bringing new experience to mobile MOBA enjoyers. For those who are ready to push their rank immediately, especially Mid Lane players, here’s Honor of Kings (HoK) Mid Lane tier list in season 6.

S+-rank Mid Lane

  • Heino
  • Mai Shiranui
  • Shangguan

Heino undeniably stands as the top Mid Laner in Honor of Kings during the past few seasons. He is one of those with the highest pick and ban rate among all heroes in Honor of Kings, not only in all ranks but also in the professional scene, and often makes appearances in Clash Lane and Farm Lane scenarios. 

Heino maintains a consistently strong early-to-late game presence thanks to his poking abilities, dashes, and short cooldowns. While his Ultimate has a lengthier cooldown compared to other Mid Laners, pairing him with Dolia can reset the cooldown. 

Mai Shiranui from Honor of Kings (Image via
Mai Shiranui from Honor of Kings (Image via

Mai Shiranui mirrors Heino with her long-range poke, dashes, and crowd control (CC) skills. Shangguan, a challenging hero, offers multiple dashes, self-untargetability, decent damage, and health restoration potential.

S-rank Mid Lane

  • Lady Zhen
  • Princess Frost
  • Angela

S-Rank Mid Laners, like Angela and Princess Frost, provide simpler gameplay mechanics compared to those in S+, achieving popularity across all ranks. Princess Frost and Lady Zhen excel in teamfights due to their area-of-effect (AoE) hard-CC abilities.

Lady Zhen from Honor of Kings (Image via
Lady Zhen from Honor of Kings (Image via

Angela, while lacking strong crowd control skills, makes up for it with high damage, low cooldown abilities that can swiftly eliminate opponents and trigger an Instakill.

A-rank Mid Lane

  • Zhou Yu
  • Gan & Mo
  • Yuhuan
  • Diao Chan

Several A-Rank Mid Laners share similar play styles to higher-tier heroes but fall short in certain aspects. Gan & Mo rely on poke damage from their abilities, but lack significant crowd control except for a knock-back effect. 

Gan & Mo from Honor of Kings (Image via
Gan & Mo from Honor of Kings (Image via

Similar to Gan & Mo, Zhou Yu also lacked in the CC (Crowd control) aspects but made up for it with his high damage-over-time (DoT) skills in wide areas. Diao Chan focuses on swift movement like Shangguan, albeit with a shorter range. 

Yuhuan is a bit unique and can offer balanced gameplay, with moderate long-range damage and healing abilities, serving as a secondary support in teamfights. She is also a versatile hero who could be used as a Jungler and Roamer.

B-rank Mid Lane

  • Kongming
  • Nuwa
  • Dr Bian
  • Da Qiao
  • Daji
  • Milady

Most heroes in this tier, except for Milady, struggle to gain popularity despite their strengths. Some heroes, like Kongming and Da Qiao, find more success in other lanes – Kongming in the Jungle and Da Qiao as a Roamer. Except for these two heroes, the other Mid Laners on this tier have little to no escape skills

Kongming from Honor of Kings (Image via
Kongming from Honor of Kings (Image via

Daji, similar to Angela, can deal high burst damage with well-executed combos, while Dr Bian's DoT and healing abilities enhance his team support. Nuwa boasts a powerful global Ultimate despite slow-casting animations.

C-rank Mid Lane

  • Gao
  • Mozi
  • Liang
  • Xiao Qiao
  • Sima Yi

C-Rank Mid laners are considered weaker than other Mid Laners, making it hard to win the laning phase unless you are very confident in your skill.

Mozi from Honor of Kings (Image via
Mozi from Honor of Kings (Image via

Gao, Liang, and Xiao Qiao have no dash skills and are lacking in the mobility aspects, making it harder to roam around the map and help other lanes when needed.

But don’t worry, some of them are still viable on other lanes. Mozi and Liang are good Roamers because of their annoying hard CC. Sima Yi, on the other hand, can be used as a Jungler because of his high burst damage and mobility.

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