Here are our recommendations for strong yet easy-to-use Roamer Heroes in Honor of Kings (HoK) that are perfect for beginners.

Like other MOBA games, Honor of Kings (HoK) features playable heroes classified based on their role. One of these positions is the Roamer, or similar to the Support role in other games.

While Roamer is commonly acknowledged as the easiest role, some of the Heroes still have advanced skill sets that might be too complicated for beginners.

These are 5 HoK Roamer Heroes that are recommended for beginners.

1. Cai Yan

HoK Roamer Hero - Cai Yan(Image via Level Infinite)
HoK Roamer Hero - Cai Yan(Image via Level Infinite)
  1. Can’t Touch This (Passive): Periodically restores Health and gains a Movement Speed bonus when taking damage.
  2. Healing Hymn (Skill 1): Continuously restores Health to nearby allies in range while gaining increased Movement Speed.
  3. Earworm (Skill 2): Fires a sound wave in the target direction, stunning and dealing damage to enemies hit.
  4. Tune of Tranquility (Ultimate): Continuously heals the nearby ally with the lowest Health within range, while granting them increased Physical and Magical Defense.

Author’s Note: Cai Yan is not only the easiest Roamer, but one of the easiest Heroes in HoK. She has low cooldown, has two types of heals and buffs, and an annoying crowd control.

Cai Yan is one of the easiest heroes in HoK, with simple yet effective skill sets as a roamer. As a beginner, I assure you don’t have to know anything about MOBA to be able to play this hero.

She is a classic support combination of heal, buffs, crowd control, and a bit of tankiness. She is also arguably the best healer in HoK, with two skills (Skill 1 and Ultimate) that give a decent amount of health not only to herself, but also to her teammates.

While healing her teammates, Cai Yan also gives decent buffs: Movement Speed through her Skill 1, and Physical and Magical Defense through her Ultimate Skill. The amount might not be as high as other Roamers, but they are still a great addition to the Heal.

Her Skill 2 is also one of the most annoying crowd controls in HoK that can bounce to up to 5 nearby enemies, which means it surely will hit in the middle of teamfights.

Additionally, she has a rather low cooldown, so as a beginner, you can spam all of her skills without much thought.

Her weakness, however, is Cai Yan can’t do anything without her teammates because her only source of damage is her Skill 2 which deals little to no damage, which also becomes the main reason she is unsuitable for any other lane.

Her abilities also consume a lot of Mana which makes her inconvenient in early games. Make sure to buy Holy Grail as soon as possible to quickly regenerate your Mana.

2. Sun Bin

Sun Bin, HoK Roamer Hero (Image via Level Infinite)
Sun Bin, HoK Roamer Hero (Image via Level Infinite)
  1. Hourglass of Time (Passive): Gains a Movement Speed bonus after using skills.
  2. Time Bomb (Skill 1): Fires a bomb in the target direction, which deals damage and attaches itself to the hit enemy. After a brief delay, inflicts AoE damage and slow.
  3. Time Flux (Skill 2): Timebender and nearby teammates within range gain increased Movement Speed. When the effect ends, restores Health equal to 25% of the damage taken while the effect was active. Passive: Gains Cooldown Reduction.
  4. Time Lapse (Ultimate): Throws a bomb in the target direction, inflicting AoE damage, slow, and silence upon coming in contact with an enemy or reaching its maximum range. After a brief delay, the bomb deals AoE damage again.

Author’s Note: Sun Bin is a harass-type roamer that has two abilities that deal medium AoE damage. She gives the fastest Movement Speed buff in HoK, while also being able to give slow and silence effects to her opponents.

Just like Cai Yan, Sun Bin also has simple skill sets that make her suitable for beginners. She is one of the fastest heroes in HoK, having Movement Speed buffs on her Passive in addition to her Skill 2.

Sun Bin’s Skill 2 is able to give a decent Movement Speed buff to all of her nearby allies while also refunding 25% Health based on damage taken during the buff duration.

Her Skill 1 and Ultimate are skillshot-type abilities, dealing AoE damages to enemies hit by them. The damage itself is quite high compared to other roamer’s damage, making her a poke and harass hero that may disturb enemies during the laning phase.

One of her weaknesses is, that players will heavily depend on their ability to land skillshots, so keep in mind not to mess up your Skill 1 and Ultimate.

3. Lian Po

Lian Po, HoK Roamer Hero (Image via Level Infinite)
Lian Po, HoK Roamer Hero (Image via Level Infinite)
  1. Warrior’s Soul (Passive): Gains immunity while using skills. Gains Battle Spirit upon entering combat, using Basic Attacks or skills. Battle Spirit increases damage reduction. Attack Speed increases at max Battle Spirit. When out of combat, Battle Spirit will diminish while restoring Health.
  2. Burst Ram (Skill 1): Charges in the target direction, dealing damage and launching enemies in the path. Passive: Every 2 Basic Attacks, enhances the next Basic Attack to deal extra damage.
  3. Magma Slam (Skill 2): Slows nearby enemies within a certain range. After a brief delay, deals damage to enemies in range.
  4. Tremor Smash (Ultimate): Leaps to the target location and hammers the ground 3 times. The first 2 blows deal damage and slow enemies, while the 3rd blow deals damage and launches enemies.

Author’s Note: Lian Po is a heavy tank Roamer with high Defense, Immunity, Shield, Crowd Control, and abilities to catch the enemies. He has the role of engaging in teamfights while absorbing damages for his teammates.

He is one of the tankiest heroes in HoK, dedicating all his skill sets to engage team fights while absorbing all damages toward his allies. 

He has all needed from a Tank: High Defense, Immunity, Shield, Crowd Control, and abilities to close the gap to catch the enemies.

His Skill 1 and Skill 3 are not only dedicated to engage in teamfights, but also to letting Lian Po run away from inconvenient situations.

Lian Po’s Passive lets him immune to crowd control while using skills, which can be combined with his Skill 2 to gain additional Shield. These two skills, in addition to heavy defensive builds, will let you tank in ease without being scared of dying.

One of his strongest points is not having to use Mana. You can spam his skills (of course, you still need to keep your eyes on the cooldown) with ease without worrying about being out of Mana like other Heroes.

His main weakness is his short range, making him easy to kite by ranged Heroes.

4. Ming

Ming, HoK Roamer Hero (Image via Level Infinite)
Ming, HoK Roamer Hero (Image via Level Infinite)
  1. Good Omens (Passive): Every 5s, Ming’s next Basic Attack deals more magical damage and heals himself and the linked teammate. The healing is reduced if the enemy is not a hero.
  2. Time - Carefree (Skill 1): Form a link with the target. when linked to an ally, increases the Physical And Magical Attack, Movement Speed, and Attack Speed of both parties. When linked to an enemy unit, reduces their Physical and Magical Attack while dealing damage over time.
  3. Mastery - Glide (Skill 2): Switches the effect of the link. When linked to an ally, increases the Physical and Magical Defense of both parties. When linked to an enemy unit, reduces their Physical and Magical Defense. The effect can be switched repeatedly.
  4. Peace - Longevity (Ultimate): While linked, can spend own Health to restore an equal amount of Health to allies or deal an equal amount of damage to enemies. Recovers Health continuously while out of combat.

Author’s Note: Ming is a complete package of a buffer, able to enhance his and his teammate’s Attack, Defense, Movement Speed, and Attack Speed while also healing them. Moreover, he can also weaken enemies with Attack and Defense debuffs.

If you want to play a Roamer without doing the ‘roaming’ part, Ming might be a perfect Hero for you. When using Ming, it is recommended to stay close to one ally, especially Marksman, to keep giving them advantages during laning and teamfights.

Ming’s gameplay is about either linking himself to an ally and giving them a stack of buffs and heals, or linking to the enemy to give them debuffs and damages.

He gives the most complete buffs in the game, being able to give Magical and Physical Attack and Defense, Movement Speed, and Attack Speed, in addition to Heals, while giving opposite effects to his enemies.

With Ming, you may not pay much attention to macro play and just focus on micro play instead. Just stick with your partner of choice, and let them grow throughout the game.

However, Ming can only buff or debuff one unit at a time, and ignore the others. You need to choose wisely when to use your skills and on who you use it. 

His other weakness is he needs to stay close to his ally or enemy, placing him in a rather vulnerable position most of the time.

5. Liang

HoK Roamer Hero - Liang (Image via Level Infinite)
HoK Roamer Hero - Liang (Image via Level Infinite)
  1. Power Word - Trance (Passive): Every second hit on the same target within a short time will deal an extra strike of damage.
  2. Power Word - Barrier (Skill 1): Summons 4 barriers that shatter when touched by an enemy, inflicting damage, stun, and slow. Damage and slowing effects are reduced for enemies that touch multiple barriers.
  3. Power Word - Fate (Skill 2): Summons a magic circle that deals damage to enemies within range while granting vision of the area. Liang gains Movement Speed while inside his magic circle.
  4. Power Word - Control (Ultimate): Suppresses an enemy hero, dealing damage over time. When the suppression is complete, deals damage and stun enemies in range.

Author’s Note: Liang’s Ultimate deals suppression effect, the strongest type of crowd control that can’t be purified in HoK. In addition, his other abilities also deal decent damages, stun, and slow effects to multiple enemies.

Liang is originally a Mage, commonly being found in the Mid Lane, but can also be used as a Roamer. He has damage-oriented skill sets with higher damage output than most Mage-type Roamers in the game.

His Skill 2 can be used to up to 3 at a time, which deals decent damage in large areas. Players can use this ability, combined with Liang’s Skill 1,  to zone a certain area to prevent enemies from passing by.

His main strength comes from his Ultimate, a single target suppression that can't be canceled with any means, including the Purify spell. Liang is one of the only two Heroes in HoK that have this effect, with the other being another Roamer, Dong Huang.

However, Liang can’t move while using his Ultimate, making him vulnerable to enemies' attacks, so make sure you have your teammates protect you in your vulnerable state.

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