Controllers for a mobile game.

PUBG Mobile is one of the biggest battle royale titles in the world currently. The game is the mobile version of the hit console and PC title and Tencent ported it to handheld devices in 2018. Since then, the game has racked up millions of players. However, playing on a mobile device with the controls on the screen can be a bit messy sometimes. If you are wondering if you can play PUBG Mobile with a controller, here’s everything you need to know about it.

Does PUBG Mobile have controller support?

Unlike CoD Mobile, Tencent hasn’t developed controller support for PUBG Mobile. It’s unsurprising for it to not do so. Matchmaking players on controller and mobile will be unfair. This is because controller players will have better mobility and aim control.

With that being said, there is another way to play PUBG Mobile with a controller. However, you will need to purchase a gaming grip for it. You can find these on Amazon. Your mobile phone can be attached to these gaming grips and your HUD manually adjusted to playing the game with the feeling of a controller.

Of course, you will not get the complete controller experience but the triggers and increased grip should enhance your gameplay.

Besides this, players can also attach triggers to their smartphones to play PUBG Mobile. These triggers can be attached to the top of your smartphone and can be used to aim and shoot.

Using a trigger or grip will not get you banned in PUBG Mobile. However, you can’t use either equipment in esports events.

You can still play the game with a keyboard and mouse

Even though the game might not support controllers, you can still play PUBG Mobile with a keyboard and mouse on your PC. To do this, you need an emulator.

The best emulator to use is Gameloop, which has been developed by Tencent itself. Simply download and install the program on your PC. Then, you can manually download PUBG Mobile and other games like CoD Mobile and Free Fire to play them with a keyboard and mouse.

Of course, players on PC will have a significant advantage over mobile gamers. To address this, Tencent has said that players on PC will only be matched against other players on PC. Additionally, if there is a single player in your lobby playing on an emulator, the entire lobby will be matched against PC players.

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