Be proud with these icons and emotes!

Riot Games revealed some content to celebrate Pride Month this 2024 in League of Legends (LoL) and Teamfight Tactics (TFT)! Here's everything you can get across LoL and TFT for Pride 2024, from emotes to booms!

The Pride celebration begins on patch 14.11, scheduled for May 30, for both LoL and TFT. A Community Pride Hub and details about VALORANT and Wild Rift content for Pride Month are all slated for May 31.

League of Legends Pride 2024 cosmetics

All of the LoL Pride 2024 content and cosmetics will be up for grabs until the end of patch 14.12 on June 26, 2024. There is one new Pride emote called "United" with Twisted Fate and Neeko. The store will also feature returning Pride emotes and icons which players can purchase for 1 Blue Essence each.

The new Pride emote "United" featuring Twisted Fate and Neeko (Image via Riot Games)
The new Pride emote "United" featuring Twisted Fate and Neeko (Image via Riot Games)

How to get the new "United" emote

Players will need to complete the "United" mission to unlock the emote.

  • United: Play as a premade group

Players simply need to queue up with at least one person onto a Summoner's Rift or ARAM game to unlock the emote. Details are not yet clear whether Arena counts for this mission.

Returning LoL Pride emotes

The Accepted, Flex, and Light Em' Up emotes are returning to the shop for 1 Blue Essence each.

LoL Pride player icons

Eight Pride player icons are available in the shop for 1 Blue Essence each.

  • Prismatic Pengu icon
  • Cotton Candy Pengu icon
  • Galactic Pengu icon
  • Sunset Pengu icon
  • Twilight Pengu icon
  • Primary Pengu icon
  • Sherbert Pengu icon
  • Mint Pengu icon

Equipping any of these emotes will give you the corresponding trail with your Homeguard animation. This will last until July 8.

Teamfight Tactics Pride 2024 cosmetics

The Pride celebration for TFT players also begins on May 30 with patch 14.11. However, this ends on June 12 for Tacticians. There will be another celebration that Riot Games teased for TFT for patch 14.12.

Pride booms in Teamfight Tactics (Video via Riot Games)

As with LoL, all past Pride content will become available again. One new emote will also be claimable.

How to unlock TFT Pride Cosmetics

There are three missions to be completed.

  • Tacticians Stand United: Play 1 match of TFT
    • This rewards the High Five emote
  • Cheer Squad: Equip the new High Five emote and use an emote in a match
    • Rewards: 25 Star Shards and all 8 Fireworks booms.
      • Fireworks - Mint boom
      • Fireworks - Rose Quarts boom
      • Fireworks - Sapphire boom
      • Fireworks - Catseye boom
      • Fireworks - Obsidian boom
      • Fireworks - Tanzanite boom
      • Fireworks - Citrine boom
      • Fireworks - Rainbow boom
  • Show Your Colors: Equip a Fireworks boom and play a match of TFT
    • Rewards: 25 Star Shards and Dip emote

Mobile-only TFT players who cannot equip icons can now use the Pride trails. This is done by equipping the respective Fireworks Pride booms. These will be active for the entire year.

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