Here’s how to fix many of the connection errors for Vanguard.

There are all sorts of errors that Vanguard can run into while working with League of Legends, and all sorts of reasons they can occur. Luckily, the VAN 0, VAN 1, VAN 6, and VAN 68 errors all occur for the same general reasons. Here's why they're popping up and how you can solve them.

How to fix VAN 0, VAN 1, VAN6 and VAN 68 errors

All four of these errors are connection errors, meaning something's going wrong when your PC tries to connect with the League of Legends servers, and Vanguard is one of the symptoms. All four of these errors can be solved in roughly the same way, with some small variations between. Here's how to solve these errors.

  • For VAN 68: Check your network connection and make sure you're connected to the internet, also check if turning off your firewall temporarily does anything to help.
  • For all errors: Open up your OS' task manager program and end all League of Legends, League of Legends Client, and Riot Client processes. Then, relaunch the Riot client and try to relaunch. If that doesn't work, restart your computer to make sure Vanguard gets a clean start.
  • For VAN 0: If the League of Legends client has been running on your computer for over seven days, Vanguard will need to re-authenticate itself. In this case, close all the programs and restart the computer to satisfy the cranky client.
  • For VAN -81: Restart your PC. If the problem persists, uninstall Vanguard and League of Legends, then reinstall both.
  • For VAN 84: Double-check your network connection, then restart League of Legends and the Riot client.

All of these should be solvable by simply ending all of the LoL-related processes, make sure to look for duplicate programs that may be causing problems via multiple instances of the client running. If you're running into non-Vanguard errors, check out our complete guide to all the LoL client errors.

That's everything you need to know about the VAN 0, VAN 1, VAN 6, and VAN 68 errors in League of Legends, and hopefully you're back to playing soon.