Say goodbye to the VAN 9006 error and say hello to a shiny new OS!

The VAN 9006 error is one of Vanguard's more odd errors, but it's easy to solve, and here's how.

Vanguard is Riot Games' proprietary anti-cheat program with kernel-level access, an incredibly intrusive and powerful level of authority inside of a PC.

In order for this to work well, it needs some modern technological support, which is where the VAN 9006 error comes in. This error comes from outdated software, here's how to remedy it.

How to fix the VAN 9006 error

The VAN 9006 error should stop you from launching League of Legends properly. This error is caused by the user running an outdated version of the Windows operating system.

Whatever version of Windows you're using, it's not supported by Vanguard. In order to fix this error, you'll need to update Windows to Windows 10, build number 10.0.1734 Codename Redstone 4.

The Invictus Gaming Rakan skin in League of Legends (Image via Riot Games)
The Invictus Gaming Rakan skin in League of Legends (Image via Riot Games)

If you're already on Windows 10, this should be a simple case of going to your Settings and selecting Windows Update on the bottom.

At the very top, it should say which version you're running, and there will be a button prompting you to update your OS.

Simply, click the button, let your computer update, and then relaunch League of Legends when it's done.

Updating to Windows 10

If you're not on Windows 10, you'll need to buy a license for Windows 10 from Microsoft and then download Windows 10. You can also buy physical copies of the OS that come pre-loaded on USB sticks, but online purchasing and downloading tend to be more expedient.

Those are the only two solutions for the VAN 9006 error. If you don't update to a supported version of Windows, you'll be completely unable to play League of Legends due to Vanguard's requirements. If you're running into any other LoL errors, check our complete client error guide.

That's all you need to know about the VAN 9006 error, we hope your OS will be refreshed and refurbished and you'll be back in no time.