The VAN 9002 error is caused by specific Windows settings, here’s how to remedy that.

League of Legends error VAN 9002 will block you from logging into League of Legends due to a specific Windows setting, here's how to fix it.

Vanguard is Riot's anti-cheat program, and it needs to be running fully in order to successfully play League of Legends. One of the many requirements Vanguard has is that Windows Exploit Protection is enabled and has compliant settings. Here's how to fix the VAN 9002 error and enable Windows Exploit Protection.

How to fix VAN 9002 error with Exploit Protection

Windows Exploit Protection is a device protection system built into the operating system, meant to stop the PC from being used as a vector to spread malware. This protection can be manually applied to certain programs, but you need specific settings to appease Vanguard, here's how to find it and set it up.

  • In the Windows search bar, type Exploit Protection
  • Click on Exploit Protection - System Settings
  • In System Settings, configure your settings as follows:
  • Control Flow Guard: Use default
  • Data Extraction Prevention: Use default
  • Force Randomization For Image: Use default
  • Randomized Memory Allocation: Use default
  • High-Entropy ASLR: Use default
  • Validate Exception Chains: Use default
  • Validate Heap Integrity: Use default

Making these settings save will require you to restart your computer to take effect. Before you restart, Riot recommends a few more steps to ensure you don't get the VAN 9002 error when you boot back up.

  • Go to the Program Settings tab in the same window you've just used to set your Exploit Protection settings.
  • Find any entries that are Riot, Riot Games, Vanguard, League Client, and League of Legends-associated programs.
  • Click on each program's dropdown and select Remove.
  • Then restart your device.

That's all you need to know to solve the VAN 9002 issue, good luck on Summoner's Rift and Howling Abyss! If you're encountering non-Vanguard errors with LoL, consult our complete guide to client errors.