The VAN 1067 error in LoL can mean your PC has a virus, here’s how to fix it.

The VAN 1067 error can be a worrying sign, since it can mean your computer is infected by malware, here's how to remedy it. Vanguard, Riot Games' anti-cheat program, has all sorts of reasons why it might refuse to run. However, the VAN 1067 error can be a sign that your computer has been infected by a malicious program, and Vanguard is refusing to start due to that program's presence. Here's why the VAN 1067 error appears, and how you can fix it.

How to fix the VAN 1067 error?

The VAN 1067 error can be caused by Vanguard and the Riot Client acting up, or it can be a sign your computer is infected by malware. The error is often caused by errant software that Vanguard detects as suspicious activity, and refuses to let you access LoL as a result. If it's just Vanguard and the client, the fix is simple, but other causes will require you to do a health check on your PC.

(Image via Riot Games)
(Image via Riot Games)
  • Restart your PC, and relaunch the Riot Client.
  • If this doesn't work, this can mean your computer has been infected by Malware.
  • First, go to your OS' task manager and look for suspicious activity. Programs you don't recognize taking up a surprisingly large amount of CPU or RAM are a good place to start.
  • Scan your computer for Malware. There are many anti-virus programs options, Malwarebytes is one reliable and trusted anti-virus company. You can download a free trial of Malwarebytes that will scan, identify, quarantine, and delete malware.
  • After you've uninstalled any suspicious programs and scanned your PC with an anti-virus program, restart your PC.

In all likelihood, your PC will now be spick-and-span and ready to run League of Legends. Relaunch the Riot client, launch LoL, and you should be good to go. That's everything you need to know about the VAN 1067 error and how to fix it.

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