Here is everything you need to know in regards to drops for MSI 2023.

MSI 2023, the first League of Legends international event of the year is rapidly approaching. A newly revamped tournament that will now include more international squads looking to call themselves the best in the world. With every League of Legends event, Riot is giving back to the fans in the form of MSI 2023 drops. These drops can be earned by simply watching the event on

Here is everything you need to know about the MSI 2023 drops.

How do I receive MSI 2023 drops?

<em>Image courtesy of Riot Games</em>
Image courtesy of Riot Games

Receiving a League of Legends esports drop is very simple. Simply log into with the Riot ID you wish to receive the drops on and you're good to go! Please bare in mind you have to be watching the action from the lolesports website in order to be eligible for a drop, watching the games back via VODS will not count.

As is the case will previous Riot Games drops, they occur at random, so do not be put off if you have not received your in-game drops in the first few days. Witnessing a Pentakill, a Quadrakill, a Dragon steal, or a Baron steal will make you eligible for a drop in that moment.

What items will I receive?

Image courtesy of Riot Games
Image courtesy of Riot Games

While there has been no confirmation on the full-scale list, Riot has confirmed a special Inkshadow Master Yi emote will be released during the tournament. Fans should expect various emotes and icons to be given out during the event. Once players have received a drop, the 'drop card' will have instructions on redeeming the items. If they are exclusive merchandise, Riot will be in touch within the first 30 days to arrange delivery.

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