Intensify the power of Destruction!

Getting Firefly added to your collection of Honkai: Star Rail characters is lucky! Not only is she a wonderful character in the Trailblazer’s adventure, but she is also a powerful warrior. The might of the mechanical armor Sam is on her side to defeat lots of monsters. There is one thing that could make Firefly even better — a proper Light Cone.

Honkai: Star Rail Version 2.3 adds Firefly as a playable character, and the Light Cone Event Warp Phase 1 banner offers a 5-star Light Cone for her. Still, the randomness of drops may be unmerciful, and it takes quite a few Star Rail Special Passes to try and get a 5-star item. There should be quite a few other Firefly Light Cones in your possession, and we will help you find the best among them.

In this post on, we highlight Honaki: Star Rail Light Cones that go nicely with the specific abilities from Firefly’s kit.

Path of Destruction

There are 16 Light Cones of the Destruction path in Honkai: Star Rail Version 2.3. All of them can be used to amplify the abilities of Firefly. Still, some of them are more in tune with the specific kit of this character.

If you play the game, you know this feeling — you activate another series of 10 warps and get lots of 3-star Lights Cones. Most of them are duplicates. The 4-star Light Cones also drop quite regularly, and eventually, you have a vast collection of these pieces of refined memory.

It is possible to exchange excessive Light Cones for items by salvaging them, but it is a good idea to keep some for your new characters. And then, when the warp system blesses you with someone you want to develop and use in battles, it may be a bit overwhelming to read through all the Light Cones explanations to figure out what is the best for this character.

Firefly follows the path of Destruction, and you should have some suitable Light Cones right in your inventory. Let’s figure out what enhances Firefly’s kit better.

Honkai: Star Rail inventory (Image via
Honkai: Star Rail inventory (Image via

Firefly in Honkai: Star Rail battles

While encountering monsters or during various events of Honkai: Star Rail, Firefly transforms into Sam — she joins the battles in her mechanical armor. Sam has two forms:

  • The initial one, which sacrifices her own health to deal damage with Firefly’s Skill
  • After using her Ultimate, Sam takes a second form. Her Basic Attack and Skill become enhanced with the focus on Toughness reduction and Break Effect.

These features directly affect what Light Cone you want to use for Firefly.

Firefly’s kit in Honkai: Star Rail (Image via
Firefly’s kit in Honkai: Star Rail (Image via

The best Firefly Light Cones

Let’s break the whole list of Destruction Light Cones into categories by rarity and highlight only those to consider for Firefly.


Most of the 5-star Light Cones have been made specifically for a character’s kit. Still, some of them can be universal. For the Destruction path, we have these 5-star Light Cones suitable for Firefly.

  • On the Fall of an Aeon — It’s a universal Light Cone that increases ATK by up to 16% through up to four attacks. It also boosts DMG after applying Weakness Break on opponents. Firefly will generally benefit from having stronger Basic Attacks. She is aimed at Weakness Break, so On the Fall of an Aeon is pretty good for her.
  • Something Irreplaceable — This Light Cone has been made mainly for Clara, but the effects of this item are good for Firefly, too. The basic boost of ATK and DMG by up to 40% is a universally efficient part of Something Irreplaceable. What is more interesting for Firefly is the health restore on hit and after defeating an opponent (12% of ATK). The character loses health with her default and unenhanced Skill, and healing may be crucial for Firefly.
  • The Unreachable Side — The Light Cone is for Blade, first of all, but it can be super helpful for Firefly in Honkai: Star Rail battles. The Unreachable Side increases the Max HP up to 30%, which is essential for dealing damage with Firefly’s basic Skill. Moreover, the Light Cone increases DMG by up to 40% each time the wearer sacrifices or loses HP. This strongly boosts the effectiveness of Firefly/Sam.

A great thing about the On the Fall of an Aeon Light Cone is that you don’t need to hope for the random drop from warp. Head to the Simulated Universe, complete missions there to earn eight Herta Bonds, and then buy the Light Cone in Herta’s Store.

Light Cones in Herta’s Store (Image via
Light Cones in Herta’s Store (Image via


Light Cones of this rarity level are much easier to get from the warp drop, but they are still pretty effective in Honkai: Star Rail battles. Here are the best 4-star Firefly Light Cones.

  • Flames Afar — This Light Cone even has Sam on its cover image. Its primary effect is restoring health. The condition for this is tricky, though. Firefly should get damage or sacrifice 25% of MAX HP to get 15% of MAX HP healed. In addition, Flames Afar increases DMG by up to 50%.
  • Indelible Promise — Originally, it’s a Light Cone for Misha, but Firefly will benefit greatly from its features. Indelible Promise increases the Break Effect by up to 56%. After performing Ultimate, the Light Cone boosts CRIT Rate by up to 30%.
  • Nowhere to Run — This Light Cone gives up to 48% of attack power, which is universally good. For Firefly’s kit, Nowhere to Run is good thanks to the healing effect: up to 24% of MAX HP after defeating an opponent.
  • Woof! Walk Time! — This one is a more universal Light Cone that increases ATK by up to 20%. Still, it has a helpful effect for Fire characters. If an opponent has Burn, Woof! Walk Time! increases the wearer’s DMG on them by up to 32%.

To get Flames Afar or Woof! Walk Time!, buy these Firefly Light Cones for 200 Lucent Afterglow from the Forgotten Hall Store. Obtain Nowhere to Run from the Nameless Honor Battle Pass at level 30, get Treasure of the Starry Seas, and spend it for the Light Cone. Only Indelible Promise from our list drops from Light Cones warps.

You need to enhance and level up each Light Cone to get the most out of its effect.


Such Light Cones are pretty common, and you should have quite a lot of them in your Honkai: Star Rail inventory. They are mainly universal, and the effect of rarer Light Cones is better for Firefly. Still, these two may do good for the character.

  • Mutual Demise — It increases CRIT Rate by up to 24% when HP is lower than 80%. These situations happen pretty often for Firefly due to her HP sacrifices with the basic Skill.
  • Collapsing Sky — This one is a good Light Cone for any Destruction path character. It increases DMG from Basic ATK and Skill by up to 40%.
Collapsing Sky (Image via
Collapsing Sky (Image via

5-star Light Cone Whereabouts Should Dreams Rest

Firefly has her own dedicated Light Cone: Whereabouts Should Dreams Rest. It emphasizes the Break Effect, which is great for the character.

  • Whereabouts Should Dreams Rest — It increases the Break Effect by up to 100%. Also, this Light Cone applies Routed on an opponent after dealing Break DMG, which decreases SPD by up to 20% and increases the following Break DMG from that character by up to 40%.

However great the idea of having a specialized Light Cone seems to be, the lack of healing effects is a disadvantage here. It could be compensated for with a clever team composition.

Getting Whereabouts Should Dreams Rest may be difficult and costly. If you already have Light Cones from our list, hunting for this one might be unnecessary. 

Whereabouts Should Dreams Rest (Image via
Whereabouts Should Dreams Rest (Image via

Team composition with Firefly in Honkai: Star Rail

To get the most out of Firefly’s kit, you need to add a proper team composition to the best Light Cones. Let’s briefly highlight the main principles.

As Firefly is a tanky character with a focus on Break Effect and CRIT Rate, you don’t need other mighty attackers in your team. It would be better to have:

  • A support to amplify the basic stats of Firefly even more. For example, Ruan Mei can be used for increased DMG and Weakness Break efficiency with her Skill.
  • A healer to handle the HP sacrifice with Firefly’s basic Skill. For example, Lynx or Gallagher.

As for the Trailblazers, the combination of the Harmony path and the Imaginary character type is one of the best choices for Firefly. Your main character will be able to increase the Break Effect.

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