Honkai Star Rail Cosplay: Kafka, Yukong, Tingyun & more cover image

Honkai Star Rail Cosplay: Kafka, Yukong, Tingyun & more

A collection of the best Honkai Star Rail cosplays from around the globe including Kafka, Yukong, Himeko and of course Tingyun.

Honkai Star Rail cosplay is a growing trend on social media, with many well known cosplayers dressing up as the likes of Himeko, Yukong and Kafka. We've gathered some of the best Honkai Star Rail cosplays, from professionals cosplayers to first-timers.

We've tried to focus on characters who've been cosplayed by several different people, and we'll be adding to this article in the future. We've linked the various cosplayers social media accounts, so be sure to give them a follow!

Featured Honkai Star Rail cosplay characters

  • Yukong
  • March 7th
  • Himeko
  • Phantylia
  • Blade
  • Jingyuan
  • Gepard
  • Trailblazer
  • Dan Heng
  • Kafka
  • Tingyun
  • Qingque
  • Li Sushang

Yukong cosplay from Honkai Star Rail

March 7th cosplay by Maggiolata

Your first companion, March 7th is by your side every step of the way. When it comes to replicating a character's look and energy, few of our cosplays come as close to Maggiolata cosplaying as March 7th at the Hoyoverse Honkai Star Rail Booth. The cosplayer shared the photos on Reddit, prior to the full release.

Himeko cosplays

Hane Ame as Himeko
Hane Ame as Himeko

A staple of the Honkai universe, Himeko is somewhat of a fan favourite and one of 9 crossover characters. The navigator of the Astral Express is cosplayed here by high profile cosplayers Natsume0v0, Hane Ame and Larissa Rochefort. Larissa Rochefort is an Indonesian cosplayer who is widely consider among the world's best.

Phantylia cosplay

Phantylia the Undying is a boss in Honkai Star Rail version 1.2. Cosplayed here by Natsume0v0, the Lord Ravager is a sight to see and a critical part of the ongoing storyline.

Blade, Dan Heng, Jingyuan, Gepard and Trailblazer cosplays

When it comes to cosplaying the male cast of Honkai Star Rail, Mir Migo has almost done them all; Dan Heng, Jingyuan, Gepard and Trailblazer.

The Chinese cosplayer is quite the chameleon but his cosplay of Blade is just so mind-blowingly good, including the TikTok for it was just unavoidable.

Kafka cosplay from Honkai Star Rail

Kafka is one of the key antagonists, and her style, confidence and in-game DMG have made her a mainstay for many Honkai Star Rail players' party. Kafka the Stellaron Hunter was an instant hit with Honkai Star Rail fans and is a common cosplay choice, particularly because she is arguably the most iconic character.

Kafka is seen cosplayed here by Larissa Rochefort, Rakukoo, Aru.rinh, weibocos and Twoyun.

If you want to see live-action Kafka check out aru.rinh's cosplay posted back in August on her Instagram.

Tingyun from Honkai Star Rail cosplays

Tingyun plays a vital role in the Xianzhou Luofu storyline, we won't spoil it but needless to say a few of these poses will make more sense if you've completed that chapter of the game.

Featured Tingyun from Honkai Star Rail cosplayers include Chinese cosplayer Suiseiko, who posted pictures of her cosplaying Tingyun back in April on her Weibo. Suiseiko also has over 300,000 followers on her Instagram. Alongside Suiseiko is Rakukoooo, another Chinese cosplayer now based in the United States with over half a million followers on Twitter.

We've also featured a couple of fan cosplays, first from Vanimiaou - who you can find streaming Honkai Star Rail on Twitch - along with Italian-Germany cosplayer Rumi92.

One of the most prolific Honkai Star Rail cosplayers is Natsume0v0, who has cosplayed as Phantlyia, Yukong, Himeko, Kafka and is seen here posing as Tingyun. Natsume0v0 is a massive cosplayer with over 1.2 million followers on Weibo and 800,000 on Twitter. Her pose for Tingyun from Honkai Star Rail perfectly captures the mischievous character. If you know, you know.

Tingyun by Natsume 0v0
Tingyun by Natsume 0v0

Qingque cosplay by Suiseiko

Suiseiko, who we've also shown cosplaying Tingyun, also managed to pull off an incredible cosplay of Qingque.

Qingque by Suiseiko
Qingque by Suiseiko

Qingque is a Quantum 4-star character every player will unlock for free, and who plays a role in the Xianzhou Luofu chapter of Honkai Star Rail.

Li Sushang by vanimiaou

Posted on Reddit in August, vanimiaou's cosplay of Li Sushang from Honkai Star Rail is one of the few made of the amateur Cloud Knight. Sushang is another crossover character from the Honkai universe, if you want to know the nine others then check out all Honkai Star Rail crossover characters.

That's the end of our selection but we'll be updating this as often as possible. If you've done a cosplay from Honkai Star Rail you're particularly proud of, then reach out to us!