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How to get a free Dr Ratio in Honkai Star Rail (Kit & Leaks)

Announced for Version 1.6, Dr. Ratio is coming to Honkai and we’ve got the info on how to pull him for free, so go get your protractor ready.

Who doesn't like free? Especially when it comes to the wide and wonderful world of gacha pulls, free is just about the best thing in the world. Well, get ready to celebrate, as the upcoming limited 5-star character Dr. Ratio is coming to Honkai for free. For a limited time, that is. There's always a catch, huh?

Revealed on the 1.6 Crown of the Mundane and Divine special program stream, the upcoming Imaginary Element character is free to claim until the end of Version 2.1. If you're looking for the deets on how to get the stupid, sexy doctor then look no further than scrolling down below.

How do I get my free Dr. Ratio in Honkai?

Honkai Star Rail players will be able to unlock a free Dr Ratio character simply by completing the opening Trailblaze Mission of the game "The Blue - A Moment of Piece". So if you're a Honkai player already you don't need to do anything just wait for version 1.6 to launch and check your Mailbox when it does.

The free Dr Ratio is a thank you from MiHoYo for winning several awards; Best Mobile Game (TGA 2023), iPhone Game of the Year and Best of 2023 Best Game (Google Play).

Dr. Ratio kit in Honkai Star Rail

<em>Credit: HoYoverse</em>
Credit: HoYoverse

The Intelligentsia Guild member Dr. Ratio comes to Honkai Star Rail with the power of... Math? Clearly, someone paid attention in high school Algebra. But don't let all the books and formulas fool you, as this self-professed 'Mundanite" believes that intellect and creativity aren't simply confined to geniuses.

Here's a list of Dr. Ratio's kit and his abilities in Honkai from leaked beta information--we'll denote an update here when they are confirmed.

ATK - Mind is Might

  • Deals Imaginary DMG equal to 50% of Dr. Ratio’s ATK to a single target enemy.

Skill - Intellectual Midwifery

  • Deals Imaginary DMG equal to 75% of Dr. Ratio’s ATK to a single target enemy.

Ultimate - Syllogistic Paradox

  • Deals Imaginary DMG equal to 144% of Dr. Ratio’s ATK to a single target enemy and applies Wiseman’s Folly. When Dr. Ratio’s allies attack a target afflicted with Wiseman’s Folly, Dr. Ratio launches his Talent’s follow-up attack for 1 time against this target.
  • Wiseman’s Folly can be triggered for up to 2 times and only affects the most recent target of Dr. Ratio’s Ultimate. This trigger count resets after Dr. Ratio’s Ultimate is used.

Tech - Mold of Idolatry

  • After using this Technique, creates a special dimension that Taunts nearby enemies. Lasts for 10 seconds. After entering battle with enemies in this special dimension, there is a 100% base chance to reduce each single enemy target’s SPD by 15% for 2 turn(s). Only 1 dimension created by allies can exist at the same time.

Talent - Cogito, Ergo Sum

  • When using his Skill, Dr. Ratio has a 40% fixed chance of launching a follow-up attack against his target for 1 time. Deals Imaginary DMG equal to 135% (270%) of Dr. Ratio’s ATK.
  • For each debuff the target enemy has, the fixed chance of launching follow-up attack increases by 20%. If the target enemy is defeated before the follow-up attack triggers, the follow-up attack will be directed at a single random enemy instead.

Dr Ratio Traces and Eidolons (unconfirmed)

<em>Credit: HoYoverse</em>
Credit: HoYoverse

Leaked beta information also brings us the info on Traces and Eidolons for Dr. Ratio, as seen below. As mentioned, we'll give a confirmation on this information when the official reveal hits.

Dr. Ratio Trace Materials needed

  • x8 Tracks of Destiny
  • x12 Past Grievances of the Planet-Boring Disaster
  • x18 Arrow of the Beast Hunter
  • x41 Thief's Instinct
  • x56 Usurper's Scheme
  • x58 Conqueror's Will
  • x69 Arrow of the Demon Slayer
  • x139 Arrow of the Starchaser
  • 3 million Credits

Dr. Ratio Eidolons

  • Pride Comes Before a Fall (E1): The maximum stackable count for the Trace 'Summation' increases by four. When a battle begins, Dr Ratio immediately obtains four stacks of Summation (You needs to unlock Summation first).
  • The Divine is in the Details (E2): When his Talent's follow-up attack hits a target, for every debuff the target has, additionally deals additional Imaginary damage equal to 20% of Dr Ratio's attack. This effect can be triggered for a maximum of four times during each follow-up attack.
  • Know Thyself (E3): Increases the level of Dr Ratio's Ultimate by two with a maximum upgrade level of 15, and increases the level of his Basic Attack by one, with a maximum upgrade level of 10.
  • Ignorance Is Blight (E4): When triggering his Talent, Dr Ratio additionally regenerates 15 Energy.
  • Sic Itur Ad Astra (E5): Increases the level of Dr Ratio's Skill and Talent by two, with a maximum upgrade Level of 15.
  • Vincit Omnia Veritas (E6): Increases the trigger count for Wiseman's Folly by one, and the damage dealt by Dr Ratio's Talent follow-up attack increases by 50%.

When will Dr. Ratio be released in Honkai Star Rail?

<em>Splash art; Credit: HoYoverse</em>
Splash art; Credit: HoYoverse

Dr. Ratio in Honkai Star Rail is set for release in early 2024, alongside the Version 1.6 "Panta Rhei" Event Warp and the end of Version 2.1.

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