Hurry up and playtest 11 decks from the new Festival of Legends Hearthstone expansion FOR FREE! Lists below.

The Festival of Legends expansion is out, and Hearthstone fans can't wait for new decks to try out. Do you know that you can one Festival of Legends deck for each class for free with this week's Hearthstone Tavern Brawl and win a pack on top? Check out what lists are available in this article.

"A Festival of Legends takes place! Choose a class and enjoy the latest deck recipes!"

A Festival of Legends Recipe Hearthstone Tavern Brawl

This Festival of Legends Recipe Tavern Brawl is another step in making the game more accessible for new and returning players. Blizzard offers Hearthstone players the chance to test 11 Festival of Legends decks completely for free.

Festival of Legends Recipes

These are the Festival of Legends decks you can test in this week's Hearthstone Tavern Brawl. This time Hearthstone is only offering the "Rainbow Death Knight" as the deck for the class, different from what happened in the previous expansion when they offer three variants, one for each Rune.

Climactic Necrotic Explosion Death Knight deck code: AAECAfHhBAjq4wSJ5gTY8QSZgQXLpQXNpQWhqgX8+QULssEE8OME0e0Eh/YEsvcEoJkFrqEFnqoFmMQF5coF16IGAAA=

Crush with Rush Demon Hunter deck code: AAECAea5AwT7vwSkkgWPpQXn9QUNtp8Es6AEtKAEiLIEiJIFj5IFlJIFjaUFpMMF8MMF9MMF6/UF4fgFAAA=

Smooth Groove Druid deck code: AAECAZICBL6YBf3fBargBavgBQ2unwS5oASuwAS2mAW3mAXuowX83wWC4AWK4AWR4AWp4AWpngasngYAAA==

When playing in this week's Tavern Brawl, you will get one of the recipes offered when you start building a new deck. This gives you the chance to test one deck for each class without the need of buying a single Festival of Legends pack.

Mister Mukla's Beastly Band Hunter deck code: AAECAR8I4Z8EwLkE57kExMcF58oF6soFiNEF0/gFC+rpA6mfBIPIBMHjBKqkBa6kBdqsBebKBajRBeT1BdL4BQAA

Light 'Em Up! Mage deck code: AAECAf0EBqneBKaTBaqYBeCsBdH4BbGeBgz8ngTcuQTK3gSEkwXKkwWQlgWrmAWmwwXgwwXoxQXQ+AWyngYAAA==

Divine Disco Paladin deck code: AAECAZ8FBrCyBISWBbuXBcfEBcHGBdj2BQzJoATXvQS/4gSBlgXAxAXBxAXGxAXKxAW6xwXS0AW0nga1ngYAAA==

Harmonic Healing Priest deck code: AAECAa0GAu+RBczGBQ6i6AOEnwTLoASe1ASGgwWYpAW5xAXIxgW7xwXHxwWC7AX7+AXI+gWDnwYAAA==

Bounce Around Rogue deck code: AAECAaIHBsygBd2gBeigBeKkBevDBe7DBQz2nwT3nwS3swTfoAXBoQX0wQXBwwXMwwXfwwXowwXA+AW9ngYAAA==

Overload Orchestra Shaman deck code: AAECAaoIAsjQBbLRBQ7q5wP5nwS8tgTGzgSF1ASZ2wSr7QSGoQWdxQW+0AXE0AWv0QW/ngbmngYAAA==

Have in mind that these Hearthstone decks are not fully optimized versions and that the Festival of Legends meta is still fresh. While some might be competitive, the idea behind deck recipes is to showcase the Festival of Legends expansion mechanics.

Symphony of Sins Warlock deck code: AAECAf0GBJvkBIGtBd/CBfnGBQ2EoATmoAT60wT/2QSA2gSB2gSr6gTHwgXIwgXdwgXmxQX0xgXEngYAAA==

Melodic Menagerie Warrior deck code: AAECAQcKsMcEltQEl+8Er8MFtsQF8M0FqOAF2PYFsfgFyZ4GD4mgBOG1BLLBBI7UBKOTBaSlBZWqBYKtBa3DBeLNBerQBevQBezQBbTRBceeBgAA

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