Learn Hearthstone’s fundamentals with these 5 tips to improve your winrate and get to Legend or get that satisfying x11 star bonus.

Today we are going to go over Hearthstone’s fundamentals with 5 key tips to win more games. Regardless if you are already a legendary player or someone who has just started in the game, these five Hearthstone tips will help you improve your performance. So, get your notepads ready and pay attention class.

Hearthstone Tip #1: Tempo is King

One of the most relevant concepts in Hearthstone is Tempo, and that is why it's Tip #1. What is Tempo? The simplest explanation is pure and raw stats on board. So, going for a Tempo play is making the strongest play possible this turn.

If you want to go deeper into the concept, you can analyze which play would leave you with a better Tempo at the start of your next turn, considering your opponent’s board. This is especially useful in board-centric matches since your opponent's actions are easier to predict and the player with the most stats usually wins the game.

Habugabu developing max tempo on Summer Championship Finals
Habugabu developing max tempo on Summer Championship Finals
DeadDraw responding with a tempo swing
DeadDraw responding with a tempo swing

Why is Tempo so important in Hearthstone and the first tip that anyone would give? Because, as a general rule, the player that develops Tempo first controls how the trades go and hence can turn this into a snowball advantage. 

Going for the greedy lines in which you squeeze the most value of each card might be tempting. However, in most cases, it's preferable to put stats on board as soon as possible.

Tip #2: Understand your win condition

Once again, this Hearthstone tip involves two instances. The first thing you need to figure out is your deck’s win condition in general cases. While this tip will help you win several games on its own, just perfecting your gameplay sometimes is not enough.

There are cases in which you need to be flexible and understand that your win condition might vary from what your deck is naturally prepared for. This is a concept that combo-players need to master the most. 

Imagine you are an OTK player facing an aggro deck, your top priority and eventually win condition is to outlast your opponent’s damage output. You might use combo pieces in the way to save yourselves, and once you stabilize and out-tempo your opponent, you will realize that the game is already won, regardless of if you can assemble the OTK combo.

The most important questions when thinking about this concept are:

  • Should I favor card draw or tempo?
  • Are there any key cards I need for this match-up?
  • Is there a way I can set up a Tempo swing in my favor?
  • Am I the aggressor or the control player in this match?

Plan your turns ahead

This tip might sound silly, but goes a long way when you are trying to climb the Hearthstone ladder. We have analyzed the importance of Tempo already, but to maximize those advantages, you need to plan ahead and not just in the current turn.

After understanding your role in the specific match-up, you need to set up a game plan accordingly. Try to think about your opponent's possible plays and if your plan for the next few turns doesn’t fall into a trap.

Make sure you always have a plan and map it out like Elise
Make sure you always have a plan and map it out like Elise

For example, if you are playing against a control deck, it is wise to develop tempo, but don’t over-extend. Having the ability to set up a value turn (drawing cards or generating resources) while you have the board will let you refill after your board gets cleared.

The same goes for predicting game patterns of decks. We all know Druids want to play Guff or Nourish at five mana. Then it's wise to put as much pressure as possible there to punish their greedy (slow tempo) play.

Hearthstone Tip #4: Don’t Order LUL

With Hearthstone increasing in complexity, this tip becomes more and more important. In the early classic game, there were few variables to account for. Now with discoveries and random effects, that has dramatically changed.

This is why you need to consider the order in which you execute your turns. As a general rule, you want to resolve all random effects before the ones that aren’t random to have information available to you before fully committing to a play.

Examples of randomness in the game are:

  • Card draw
  • Card generation
  • Cards that summon random minions or cast random spells
  • Minions that have random effects
  • Opponents Secrets

You might even end up finding some cheesy lethals this way. You need to be lucky, but on top of that, you need to prepare yourself in case you get lucky!

Last Hearthstone Tip: Study the meta and consume Hearthstone

There is no secret that the better preparation you have, the better your results will be. While this might be a tip that many Hearthstone players disregard, as Khadgar says, knowledge is power.

Going over meta reports, being up to date with patches and playing the most refined version of your deck helps you get an edge in situations that otherwise would be even. Check out our guides section and visit stats sites such as HS Replay or Vicious Syndicate.

Hs Replay Meta Overview
Hs Replay Meta Overview
Vicious Syndicate Power Ranking report
Vicious Syndicate Power Ranking report

Furthermore, consuming Hearthstone in the form of streams, videos or esports content will help you gain experience from others. This way, you will become familiar with many game situations and how to overcome them.

This is all for now, but stay tuned to Esports.gg for more Hearthstone guides and news. As always, see you next time in the tavern.