Hurry up, and don’t miss Hearthstone Nozdormu Day! Learn everything about the history of this celebration and the rewards you can get!

The Hearthstone community celebrates Nozdormy day on the 15th of every month. But what is this iconic day about, when did it start and what rewards can you get for participating in it? Today in we will explain everything about the Hearthstone Nozdormu day.

The story behind Nozdormu day

In 2021, when presenting the Year of the Gryphon, Blizzard reworked several cards, including the Dragon aspects. Among them is one of Hearthstone’s most problematic cards: Nozdormu. The old Nozdormu became Nozdormu the Eternal.

Old Nozdormu - Image via Blizzard
Old Nozdormu – Image via Blizzard
New reworked Nozdormu the Eternal - Image via Blizzard
New reworked Nozdormu the Eternal – Image via Blizzard

The old Nozdormu rotated from the Classic set into Wild, and the new version was included in the new Core set and given for free to every Hearthstone player. The rework had the intention of solving some design restrictions the team suffered, and in the case of Nozdormu, avoid the game from breaking every now and then.

Nozdormu’s effect is unique, so unique, that breaks Hearthstone’s ordinary rules. Under its effect, players only had 15 seconds to take their turn. To make sure this didn’t just randomly popped-up in games, and players abusing from the mechanic, the new version requires both players to include the card.

While the intention was noble, and many players wanted to feel the rush of 15-second turns, almost no one included Nozdromu in their decks. Zeddy mentioned that during his Nozdormu achievement hunt, he only faced one opponent who included the dragon in their deck.

Nozdormu Day Hearthstone Rewards

With the idea of encouraging players to include the new Nozdormu version in decks, Hearthstone socials established Nozdormu day. Taking inspiration from the 15 seconds each turn lasts under the legendary dragon’s effect, the team pushed the 15th of each month as the Nozdormu day.

However, this wasn’t enough to motivate players. Things changed when with patch 20.8, the Hearthstone team decided to give special rewards to players who participated in Nozdormu day.

Special Hearthstone Nozdormu Quest - Image via Blizzard
Special Hearthstone Nozdormu Quest – Image via Blizzard

Every 15th of each month, players receive this custom Nozdormu quest for a juicy reward. To get the quest you need to have an open slot, as it rolls as a regular daily quest. As with all other quests, if you don’t feel like participating in this event, you can re-roll it for a different one.

To earn the 1500 experience points the Nozdormu Day reward gives, you need to play three Hearthstone games with the card in your deck. You don’t need the effect to activate for the game to count. It’s still rare for you to face an opponent running Nozdormu, even on Noz day.

Nozdormu start of Game effect - Image via
Nozdormu start of Game effect – Image via

This quest can be completed in any game mode, and you don’t need to make any special deck, only include to include the legendary dragon. Just make sure you remember to change the deck back to normal when done. Every 16th of the month, I realize that I’m still running a 7-mana 8-8 in my deck.

That’s all for now, but stay tuned to for more Hearthstone news and updates. Happy Nozdormu Day!


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