Hearthstone Leaderboards: where to check out Constructed, Battlegrounds and Mercenaries rankings cover image

Hearthstone Leaderboards: where to check out Constructed, Battlegrounds and Mercenaries rankings

Today we will cover every Hearthstone leaderboard. Constructed, Battlegrounds, Arena and Mercenaries players, get in here!

Making it to the Leaderboards was the goal of many Hearthstone players, regardless if they play constructed, Battlegrounds or Mercenaries. Or at least that happened when only the top 200 players were featured.

With the last Hearthstone Leaderboard update, things have changed, and every Battelgrounds, Mercenaries and constructed Legend player now shows up in the rankings. Let's go over how they work for the different game modes.

How many Leaderboards does Hearthstone have?

Want to take a guess? The answer might surprise you. For each given season, there are 18 different leaderboards. While this might sound crazy, Hearthstone has a different leaderboard for constructed play, Battlegrounds, Mercenaries and even Arena. Moreover, each server has its own separate ranking.

You can check every leaderboard on the official site. But keep on reading if you want to learn the difference between them and some extra useful resources.

Where to find Hearthstone Leaderboards
Where to find Hearthstone Leaderboards

Standard, Wild and Twist Hearthstone Leaderboards

As we mentioned above, every constructed game mode has a unique leaderboard. These leaderboards only feature Hearthstone players that have reached Legendary ranks in either Standard, Wild or Twist modes.

Before the 23.2 Hearthstone Patch, leaderboards only included the top 200 players in each leaderboard. Now, they include every player that has made it into legend. This means you can even check how many players made it to Legend too.

Legendary ranks displayed in the Leaderboards correspond to the actual position in the ranking. This position is given by a hidden MMR Ranking or ELO, number for each player that increases or decreases depending on your match results.

If you want to check out how constructed ranks work and what rewards you can get by playing the game each season, make sure you visit our guide on that topic!

Hearthstone Battlegrounds ranking and leaderboards

Hearthstone features Battlegrounds rankings on the same leaderboards page. However, the way they work is different. First of all, the Hearthstone Battlegrounds Leaderboards include every player that participated in a game during the season.

Moreover, unlike constructed leaderboards, Battelgrounds Hearthstone shows both the Rank (aka, position number) and the players' rating. This rating is the player's visual MMR, and while it's not completely the same as the MMR we talked about in constructed rankings, it is an analog concept.

Hearthstone Battlegrounds leaderboards
Hearthstone Battlegrounds leaderboards

For more details on how Battlegrounds rankings and ratings work, check out our Hearthstone guide on the mode's system.

Arena and Mercenaries Leaderboards

The last two game modes Blizzard includes in their leaderboards are Arena and Mercenaries. Mercenaries leaderboards function the same way as the Battelgrounds rankings we covered.

The Mercenaries leaderboard features every player with a non-zero rating. This means that anyone can accurately track how many active players the mode has each month. For October, this number was below 20,000, combining the Americas, European and Asia-Pacific servers.

What's more, Mercenaries is still suffering from botting problems. Now and then, you will notice that some player have maxed-out their ratings at 103000. That is because bots are farming the mode 24/7, and this has been happening for a while.

Hearthstone Arena Leaderboards

Arena Leaderboards are different from any ranking we discussed in this article. There are no live Arena Leaderboard updates, and the only way to review them is when Hearthstone posts its trimestral updates.

How do the Hearthstone Arena Leaderboards work? Well, since the is no actual rating system for Arena, Hearthstone implemented a method for players to compete under.

Arena rankings reflect players’ average wins for the best 30 consecutive runs throughout the season. If you play 31 runs, and your 31st run is better than your 1st, then your best 30 consecutive runs will be from your 2nd to your 31st run, and so on.

These Arena leaderboards only showcase the top 200 best average win players. So making it into the list is tough work. Most of the time, the cut is over 6.5 average wins per run in a 30-run sample size.

You can check the full Arena Leaderboards for July-September 2022 in Hearthstone's dedicated blog post.

Leaderboards considerations and resources.

While having live Leaderboards for most Hearthstone game modes it's a cool feature, there is still room for improvement. For example, showing only 25 players per page makes seeking players a nightmare. Talking about searching: there is no searching tool whatsoever. You can't even jump to a desired rank/page.

On the bright side, there are some extra resources you might find useful. D0nkey's site covers most Hearthstone Leaderboards and rankings, offering a wide range of filters and stats. For example, you can check for position changes in a certain period or even follow a specific player's performance and evolution.

If you visit Hearthstone leaderboards for constructed, Battlegrounds or Mercenaries, I highly recommend you to check d0nkey's website. That's all for now, but stay tuned to Esports.gg for more Hearthstone news and updates. See you next time in the tavern.