“Heh, this guy’s toast”! Our Top 8 Most Influential Players of all time continues with Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang!

Esports.gg and Frodan are collaborating to reveal the "Top 8 Most Influential Hearthstone Players of All Time" list! We will be revealing a new player every day in the run-up until Christmas. Today we reveal the penultimate entry in our top 8. He's a man who may have moved on from the game, but who left an unforgettable mark on the Hearthstone fanbase, Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang!

Top 8 Most Influential Players of All Time

Disguised Toast was a Hearthstone player?!

These days, Disguised Toast is known for his entertaining Among Us videos and his livestreams on Facebook. However, Hearthstone players may remember him as a prominent community member and content creator for the digital card game.

His player name is actually a reference to SI:7 Agent, which is a Hearthstone card with the voice line, “Heh, this guy’s toast.”

SI:7 Agent artwork. Image via Blizzard Entertainment.
SI:7 Agent artwork. Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

How Disguised Toast rose to stardom in Hearthstone

Disguised Toast first official foray into the Hearthstone scene was when he attended a Fireside Gathering, and brought with him a pair of sunglasses alongside a cardboard cut-out of his YouTube logo.

During his first livestreamed tournament match at WCS Toronto, Disguised Toast put on his mask. Using gimmick decks, he eventually won the tournament with a score of 12-1. This victory attracted the attention of the Hearthstone community, and players wondered about the person behind the mask.

"Since then whenever I had to make an appearance I'd put on the mask," said Disguised Toast in a video a year after his debut. "It just became this running joke on my channel. My name is Disguised Toast and I'm disguised, that's just top kek material."

Disguised Toast at a Fireside Gathering
Disguised Toast at a Fireside Gathering

Following an accidental face reveal on stream, the clip of which kept being uploaded on Reddit, Disguised Toast decided to shed his mask as he pursued his livestreaming career. Over time fans and supporters got to learn more about the man behind the mask.

According to Frodan, Disguised Toast is "the best thing that's happened to the game since sliced bread," and the latter's Hearthstone content showcased that well.

Not only did Disguised Toast make videos about Hearthstone statistics, highlights and bugs, but he also approached them with a level of creativity, pizzazz, honesty and wit that kept his audience coming back for more.

At number two of Hearthstone's most influential players of all time is the best thing that's happened to the game since sliced bread. It's Disguised Toast.


Game-breaking interactions, character lore and one epic nap

Over on YouTube, Disguised Toast created Hearthstone content that included combo decks, character interactions and even a game-breaking bug that resulted in a suspension.

The bug involved playing Mirage Caller on a minion with Power Word: Glory. When Disguised Toast ended his turn, his opponent’s screen was stuck on the rope animation. The only action available to his opponent was to concede. 

After testing out the bug a bit more, Disguised Toast realized that it was a game-breaking one. He played games against himself and discovered that other cards had a similar issue.

These cards included Blessing of Wisdom, Nightmare, Menagerie Warden, Molten Reflection and Sudden Genesis. He and Blizzard soon reached an agreement about creating these types of videos after bug fixes.

Secret: After your opponent has at least 3 minions and plays another, destroy it.

Sacred Trial card text

In addition to creating unique and memorable videos about different card interactions, both game-breaking and not, Disguised Toast went into the origins of Hearthstone cards. If viewers wanted to learn more about characters like Lord Jaraxxus and Sylvanas Windrunner, for example, then Disguised Toast had them covered.

He even made a Jaraxxus video to answer one of his viewers' questions about Sacred Trial. This card activates after one's opponent has at least three minions and players another.

The video about was expected versus what actually happened spoke for itself and further showcased how Disguised Toast's edits were of the epic variety.

Back in the day, he even made dedicated videos for Hogger and the different Animal Companion summons. Other videos included detailed explanations of tournament breakdowns and misplays, which helped players understand the game better while entertaining them at the same time.

Of course, his tournament videos were not complete without one that highlighted his own experience at the 2017 ONOG PAX East Major. Disguised Toast overslept, which he once described as "The most Toast way to lose a tournament." Despite the loss, it made for a memorable video for his viewers and fans.

As for his interactions with other Hearthstone community members, he duked it out against players such as Jeffrey “TrumpSC” Shih and Brian Kibler. Additionally he also created unique challenges like using auto-complete decks to reach Legend, as well as climbing ladder with free-to-play decks

Although Disguised Toast is into other games these days, he nonetheless made a significant impact on the Hearthstone community, which earned him a well-deserved spot in the "Top 8 Most Influential Hearthstone Players of All Time" list!

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