The latest Hearthstone patch shook up the meta, and that’s why today we are bringing you 5 decks to get to Legend.

Death Knights decks dominated Hearthstone ladder, but fortunately, the 25.4.3 patch came to save the day or the season. After the last round of nerfs, we've noticed many Hearthstone decks catching up in power level. Follow me and discover 5 decks capable of climbing to legend!

5 Hearthstone Legendary Decks

The following decks are a selection of archetypes proven successful by Hearthstone streamers in legend or backed up by data. So, pick a deck that fits your preferred playstyle and start climbing the Hearthstone ladder.

Dimitrikazov's #1 Legend Pure Paladin

Pure Paladin seems to be the new top dog. This Hearthstone deck is pretty straightforward to play and has already reached #1 Legend. If you like playing aggressive tempo-oriented decks, it might be your best choice.

Pure Padlin Deck
Pure Padlin Deck


Try to do the strongest possible play every turn to suffocate your opponent. If you feel your early pressure isn't enough, don't panic, Order in The Court gives you an excellent mid-game plan.

Drawing the top of your deck by turn 6 allows you to play Blood Crusader and dump a new wave of threats, that many Hearthstone archetypes won't be able to respond to. That alone can win you the game, and if it fails, you still have 3 free Legendary minions to follow up.

Frost Death Knight is not dead

While the nerf to Construct Quarter reduced this deck's dominance, it's still a Tier 1 Hearthstone archetype. The early minion pressure adds up and helps you prepare the final blow with damage from hand.

The Foul Egg plus Arms Dealer combo is the best start you can get. And while keeping a 4-cost card seems counterintuitive, if you have something to play on turns 1 and 2, Construct Quarter is still an amazing card to have.

Frost Death Knight Hearthstone Deck
Frost Death Knight Hearthstone Deck


Undead Priest Hearthstone deck

Continuing with what the data says, HsReplay has highlighted Undead Priest as one of the strongest Hearthstone decks right now. The sticky boards this archetype creates, supported by its death-rattle synergies make it a good all-around choice.


There are different variants of this deck, so if you feel something is a bit off, you can visit HsReplay and try one of its alternatives.

YouthHS_CN's #1 Legend Quest Druid

The Quest Druid deck rises as a new variation in Hearthstone Legend and has already got to #1. This deck combines the old Quest Druid and the new Armor Druid archetype to create a consistent deck that can out-armor many other Hearthstone decks.

While it's not an aggro counter, this deck can punish slower strategies with the Brann-Anub'Rekhan-Astralor combo. The addition of Lingering Zombie helps Spammy Arcanist to be a much more efficient board clear so it can stand a chance against board-centric decks.


Rusinho's #1 Legend Felic DH Hearthstone deck

Last but not least, an old friend is coming back. The Demon Hunter Fel deck seems to be performing well in Hearthstone Legend once again. There are two main DH archetypes right now, the Spell version with Souleater's Scythe and the Fel one with some more minions.

In this case, we will be highlighting the second one, after Rusinho's success with that list. This past week, Rusinho piloted the deck to #1 Hearthstone legend rank on stream. Despite being an early climb, it still shows that the deck has potential.

Deck Code: AAECAea5AwaN9wOHiwSXoAT7vwSY1ASq3QQMifcDivcDxfkDtp8ElrcEmLoEr94EsN4EquIEheUEi5IFopkFAA==

A final tip

While it's better to play with optimal decks, understanding how they function and how to pilot them is even more important. Give yourself some time to learn the deck you chose to climb, and use Hearthstone data sites to help you along the way.

You can climb with almost any deck, so make sure you choose one you enjoy playing. Have an open mind about what to play and the capacity to adapt. Build experience and have a clear idea of your deck's strengths and weaknesses. These Hearthstone concepts will help you as much as the decks featured above.

That's all for now, but stay tuned for more Hearthstone news and updates. Be sure to visit for all the latest esports news. See you next time in the Tavern.

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