What is in The Finals Season 1 Starter Pack? cover image

What is in The Finals Season 1 Starter Pack?

Wondering if you should buy The Finals Season 1 Starter Pack? Take a look at what’s inside before you make up your mind.

The Finals arrived with a surprise launch announcement at The Game Awards 2023. Since then, it has seen many players jump into the arena with cosmetics galore on their contestants. If you want to start your collection of gear in The Finals, then you may want to purchase the Season 1 Starter Pack.

It is as good a place as any to begin your journey if you feel the need to customize your character. You get some weapon skins, other accessories, and even the in-game premium currency back in your account. So, what exactly is in it?

Everything in The Finals Season 1 Starter Pack

There are six total items you'll receive if you purchase The Finals Season 1 Starter Pack. Three of them are weapon cosmetics, one of them is a sticker, another is an emote, and the last bit returns your Multibucks.

Here's everything you'll get out of it:

  • V9S Never Evanesce skin
  • M60 Never Evanesce skin
  • AKM Never Evanesce skin
  • Starting Lineup sticker
  • 1,150 Multibucks
  • With Love gesture

It is called a Starter Pack for a reason. It's not the most amazing shop collection that we'll probably ever see in The Finals, but it gets the job done. The pack is definitely worth it if you plan on playing this game a lot and want to be a bit flashy.

How much does it cost?

(Screenshot via esports.gg)
(Screenshot via esports.gg)

As you look for The Finals Season 1 Starter Pack in the store, you'll see it costs 1,150 Multibucks. Multibucks are the premium currency of the game, which is a great deal for this knowing you'll get that exact amount back.

In terms of how much money you'll spend, a bundle of 1,150 is in the Multibucks shop for $9.99 USD. That's as much as the Battle Pass costs. If you want a little extra, buying the Season 1 Starter Pack will give you back your Multibucks to unlock the BP.

Of course, since it is the Season 1 Starter Pack, it won't be there forever. The Finals Season 1 is expected to end on March 12, 2024. You'll probably have until then to get your hands on this bundle, so you can wait if you need to.

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