Top 10 Gamer Dad Gifts: A selection of unique presents they’ll love! (Updated: December 2022) cover image

Top 10 Gamer Dad Gifts: A selection of unique presents they’ll love! (Updated: December 2022)

We’ve carefully selected ten awesome gifts for your Gamer Dad family member, friend, child or parent. From obscure to just plain brilliant.

You've realised Father's Day or you just want the perfect Gamer Dad gifts that won't disappoint ? Worry not we've got you covered. Here are our top 10 Gamer Dad gifts, handpicked by a fellow Gamer Dad!

Disclaimer: Please be aware that this article includes Amazon Affiliate links and may earn a commission based on any purchase you make through them.

1. XBOX Design Lab Controller - $69.99 (+9.99 for optional laser engraving)

The XBOX Design Lab returns meaning you can create a custom XBOX Controller design for Father's Day. Pick from a choice of 18 different colours to personalise the body, back, bumpers, triggers, D-Pad, thumb sticks and ABXY buttons! The custom Xbox controller costs $69.99, but you can also add a laser engraving of 16 characters for an additional $9.99 to make it that little bit more special. Even if they don't have an XBOX, can still be wirelessly connected to PC. A beauty when it comes to great Father's Day Gaming Gifts.

Whether they stream on Twitch or not, having a Custom Neon sign displaying their Gamer Tag is going to be a hit, especially if they've been rocking it for years. The company behind it Souleather have a lot of designs on offer and has 16 different color options and 4 different light animation modes.

2. MoharWall Gamer Square Throw Pillow Cases - $16.99

Give the lounge or office a gaming makeover with these four square gamer throw pillow cases. They say a dog is for life not just for Christmas, and the same goes for Gamer Dad Gifts. Made from durable and environmentally friendly linen, these pillows should go the distance, they're also the perfect size to use as harmless katanas for any who dare interfere. Be warned you need to buy the inserts yourself!

3. TRIO Portable Laptop Monitor

Next up is the TRIO Max Portable Monitor for Laptops. If you're used to your multi-screen setup at home, gaming on a laptop can be a bit underwhelming. The existence of this gadget may actually come as a surprise to even an experience Gamer Dad, but it will allow a laptop to have up to two additional monitors! The TRIO Max removes the limitations of a single screen setup, making it more possible to stream or more convenient to watch a Netflix show or movie as they game. It can also make working away from home so much easier and efficient!

4. Razer DeathAdder Gaming Mouse - $26.90

The Razer DeathAdder mouse is quintessential gaming hardware. There's a reason why over 10 MILLION have been sold. It not only looks incredibly sick, but comes with five programmable buttons and comes with a 2-year warranty. A instant-win for any PC Gamer Dad, and Razer swag will make him feel like gaming royalty.

There are quite a lot of incredible deals for gaming mice on Amazon so be sure to check out our article on the Best Gaming Mouse.

5. X Rocker 5172601 Gaming Floor Chair - $159.88

Gamers have an affinity for ending up leaning against the sofa with a pillow while gaming on the lounge TV, why not do it in comfort? The X Rocker Gaming Floor Chair comes with inbuilt speakers and can play audio wirelessly via Bluetooth. Ideal for not just gaming but also movies or music. The race seat design looks great and the chair can even be folded away.

6. Horus X - Gaming Glasses - $34.90

They may not be as high tech as Tony Stark's but the Horus X glasses will ensure that the late night gaming runs won't strain their eyes quite as much. The Horus X glasses help to prevent the effects of Blue Light associated with electronic devices according to the manufacturer. The Horus X Gaming glasses are not only light weight but they also look incredibly cool. The UV protection means they also make for quite good sunglasses.

7. Gamer Dad RGB Desk Light - $62.27

This absolute gem of a find on Etsy is a glorious addition to any Gamer Dad's desk. The lamp is 3D printed and the colours can be controlled through both Google and Alexa. After syncing up with a mobile phone they won't even need to get up to turn it off! Powered by USB, this is a great novelty Father's Day Gaming Gift for their bedside table or desk.

8. One More Game Hoodie from Etsy - $29.11

Hoodies are a staple of Father’s Day Gaming Gifts, but not all of them look as clean and fresh as this one. Discovered on Etsy, it's worth looking into these handmade hoodies. Comes in six different colour choices; white, grey, gold, black, red and purple.

9. Gamers never Die Gamer Mug - $13.88

You can never go wrong with a gamer mug for a gamer Dad. The 'eat, sleep, game, repeat' slogan is a bit old now, so better you go with something like this. It embraces the alpha while simultaneously opening up a whole host of ways to indirectly burn any non-gamer dads who enter your domain. Affordable and classy, just what you want from a Father's Day Gaming Gift.

If the Father in question is a Mario fan in any shape or form, the Piranha Plants Plush Slippers will be a god tier gift. Realistically they might not last forever, but the opportunity to walk around in Mario-inspired Piranha slippers will make this a brilliant gift. They even come with a pot to house them in.

BONUS GIFT: HAPPYPOP Gaming Socks Gamer Socks - $9.99

Every gamer dad worth his salt will already have his sweats and gamer hoodie sorted. These anti-slip non-skid gamer socks are an affordable and fun gift for any Gamer Dad. Next time your significant other or child dares disturb you in your man cave, you won't even need to respond. Just let the socks do the talking. With a choice of 8 different text, plenty to love about this gift.

That's it for our top 10 Gamer Dad gifts! Hopefully one of these sparked your interest. Happy shopping!

Disclaimer: Please be aware that this article includes Amazon Affiliate links and may earn a commission based on any purchase you make through them.