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The Finals Smoking Guns Event contracts and rewards

A new event in The Finals, known as Smoking Guns, drops you into a western-themed Monaco where you can earn gunslinging rewards.

The Finals is back with another in-game event, this time known as Smoking Guns. Much like previous events, such as Steal the Spotlight, there are contracts you can complete in a special mode to earn cosmetic rewards.

Let's go over the mode and all of the goodies you can earn.

The Finals Smoking Guns Event details

(Screenshot via
(Screenshot via

The Smoking Guns Event in The Final only lasts for about a week. The in-game countdown says it will end on Wednesday, March 6, 2024.

You'll have until then to jump into the limited-time mode and grab some rewards. Ignore what it says in the game, as it states it ends on the same day it started. Embark should fix that soon enough.

Here are all the details of the mode you have to play:

  • Single match length
  • Earn cash by eliminating opponents and completing cashouts
  • Lose cash on a team wipe
  • Limited respawn credits
  • Overtime enabled if a cashout is in progress when time expires
  • Premade loadouts
  • Smoking Guns is played on a variant of the Monaco map made just for this event
  • Win by ending the game with the most cash

Contracts and rewards for The Finals Smoking Guns Event

(Screenshot via
(Screenshot via

There are six contracts that each deliver a reward when completed in The Finals Smoking Guns event:

  • Earn 75,000 cash in Smoking Guns - Giddy Up
  • Deal 10,000 damage to opponents in Smoking Guns - Gaucho Bolero
  • Revive teammates 15 times in Smoking Guns - Button-Up Shirt
  • Play 3 rounds of Smoking Guns with a Light Build - Lone-Gunner Glove
  • Play 3 Rounds of Smoking Guns with a Medium Build - Relaxed Jeans
  • Play 3 rounds of Smoking Guns with a Heavy Build - Bronco Striders

You'll have to play at least nine total rounds to obtain every reward, but you should be able to complete them all in that amount of time if you focus on your revives, damage, and doing everything you can to cashout. Good luck, contestants.

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