Master Duel’s new event, the Synchro Festival is underway! If you want a powerful synchro focused deck, Dragunities are the way to go!

The Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel Synchro Festival is currently underway. This event gives all duelists access to some extra free to play gems for participating. The catch? You can only use Synchro monsters in your extra deck. If you’ve only been using decks that are currently in the meta, synchro focused decks might seem a bit odd. Without Link monsters to extend your plays, how can you even play the game? Don’t worry, we got you covered with our Dragunity decklist.

What are Dragunities? And why are they great for the Synchro Festival

The Dragunity archetype was introduced in the TCG’s Duel Terminal sets. The archetype focuses on winged beast effect monsters and dragon type tuners in the main deck. The dragon tuners will become equip spells for your winged beasts, which then summon themselves in order to synchro summon powerful dragons from your extra deck. Through use of their field spell, Dragon Ravine, the deck is able to consistently search for whatever pieces they may need.

The dragon type synchro monsters are where the deck really comes into its own. These monsters can be powerful combo pieces that can summon other boss synchro monsters, or they can just stay on the field and use their powerful effects to take control of the field. Because of the focus on Synchro monsters, this deck is perfect for the Synchro Festival!

Since all of the most powerful monsters in the deck are dragons, you can use strong dragon-type cards like Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon to relentlessly swarm the field every turn.

Main Deck Cards (Synchro Festival deck)

Dragon Ravine

This field spell is arguably the most important card in the Dragunity line up. Its effect is very simple: discard a card to activate one of two effects.

  • You can add a level 4 or lower dragunity monster from your deck to hand.
  • You can send a dragon monster from your deck to the graveyard.

These effects are insanely helpful for setting up your hand or graveyard to combo and synchro summon over and over again.

Dragunity Dux

This card is one of the linchpins to your whole plan. When normal summoned, Dux can equip himself with a dragon type Dragunity tuner from your graveyard. This effect will allow you to turn a Dux in your hand and a tuner in your graveyard into an instant synchro summon.

Dragunity Senatus

This new Dragunity winged beast lets you discard a card to equip a Dragunity tuner to it from your deck once per turn. Just by having this card in your hand, you can immediately synchro summon a dragon type synchro monster!

Dragunity Legatus

Dragunity Legatus is an incredible combo extender and disruptor. This winged beast can be special summoned from your hand if you control a Dragunity monster or a Dragon Ravine. Once per turn, if you have a dragunity monster in your Spell/Trap zone, you can destroy one Spell/Trap on the field. A combo piece and backrow destruction all in one!

Dragunity Phalanx

Dragunity Phalanx is a level two dragon type tuner. Although his stats aren’t great, his effect is what makes him important. If Phalanx is ever equipped to a monster, it can special summon itself from the spell/trap zone onto your side of the field.

Dragunity Couse

Dragunity Couse is one of the new Dragunity support monsters. Couse is normally a level 2 tuner with an effect similar to Dragunity Phalanx. However, when it is being used as material for a synchro summon, Couse can act as a level 4 monster instead of a level 2 monster. This means that Dux or any other level 4 monster you have can be a level 6 or a level 8 synchro monster.

Dragunity Remus

This Dragunity tuner can be discarded to add a Dragon Ravine from your deck to your hand. This automatically makes your deck more consistent, but wait, there’s more! Once per turn, if you control a Dragunity monster, you can special summon this monster from your graveyard. It will be banished after leaving the field when special summoned this way.

Dragunity Arma Mystletainn

Dragunity Arma Mystletainn is a main deck level 6 dragon monster. This monster can be special summoned from your hand by tributing one Dragunity monster on your field. When summoned, you can equip it with a dragon type Dragunity monster. By using Phalanx or Couse, you get access to an instant level 8 or level 10 synchro monster!

Synchro Monsters (ideal for Synchro Festival)

The following are just some of the Synchro monsters that the deck uses. Because of the heavy focus on synchro monsters, this deck is perfect for the Synchro Festival. You can include other powerful synchro monsters like Stardust Dragon to negate destruction, or Scrap Dragon to destroy opponent's cards. This deck can take the Synchro Festival by storm.

Dragunity Knight - Vajrayana

Vajrayana is one of the bread and butter synchro monsters in the deck. On synchro summon, you can equip it with a level 3 or lower dragon type dragunity monster from your graveyard. Then, once per turn, you can send an equip card that is equipped to it to the graveyard to double its attack. You’ll rarely use the attack boosting effect, but rather you’ll equip Phalanx or Couse to use for a quick synchro summon!

Dragunity Knight - Gae Dearg

This Dragunity synchro is an amazing set up tool for the deck. Once per turn, you can add a level 4 winged beast or dragon from your deck to your hand. After this, you must discard a dragon or a winged beast monster. This lets you set up your graveyard with a dragon tuner in the grave, and a winged beast in your hand.

Dragunity Knight - Ascalon

This powerful level 10 synchro is one of the new boss monsters for the Dragunity archetype. It has a massive statline with 3300 attack and 3200 defense, but it also has a powerful effect. This monster can banish any dragunity monster from your graveyard to banish a monster your opponent controls. This monster can special summon a Dragunity synchro monster from your extra deck after being destroyed.

Dragunity Knight - Areadbhair

This is the other boss monster of the Dragunity archetype. Rather than having a banishing effect, this monster can banish a dragunity monster from your graveyard to negate an opponent’s monster effect during either player’s turn. This monster also banishes any monster it destroys by battle. Finally, if this monster is ever destroyed, you can destroy all spell and trap cards your opponent controls.

Possible additions for Synchro Festival

The cards listed above are a basic recipe for a Dragunity deck. Be sure to add staple cards to increase consistency or to halt opponent's plays. Cards such as Ash Blossom and Joyous Spring, Ghost Ogre and Snow Rabbit, and Maxx C are recommended.

Other cards to consider are Dragon type cards like Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon. Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon has a very easy to fulfil summoning condition, and because its effect lets your special summon dragons from your graveyard or hand, it fits the deck’s identity perfectly! Another great tech card is Orient Dragon. This level 6 synchro banishes an opponent's synchro monster when it is synchro summoned. A perfect removal option for the Synchro Festival.

My personal Dragunity Deck for Synchro Festival

Below is my personal Dragunity Deck that I use, even in ranked! Because the deck is not very popular, so it's easy to catch opponents off guard with this deck!

Be sure to follow us at for more updates on Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel! If you need help with the Synchro summoning mechanic, be sure to read up on our basic guide to Synchro Summoning!