How do SMITE 2 Legacy Gems work? cover image

How do SMITE 2 Legacy Gems work?

Won’t somebody think of the skins?

SMITE 2’s Legacy Gems might be a head scratcher for those new to the game or generally out of the loop. Fear not, we know how they work and we're going to tell you.

Each game has its own currency. These currencies have a wide variety of names depending on the game. Legacy Gems are SMITE 2’s currency.

What are Legacy Gems?

(Image via Titan Forge Games)
(Image via Titan Forge Games)

SMITE 2’s Legacy Gems are for those who’ve been pumping hours into the franchise for a while. Those particular gamers have spent their waking hours tossing IRL coins into the SMITE machine for skins and other cosmetics.

This currency is in place to make sure those players who’ve already forked out the cash, are rewarded as they head into the next game.

How do SMITE 2 Legacy Gems work?

The Legacy Gems will be worth 50 percent of the price of a SMITE 2 item. So, you’ll be able to spend half of what you usually would as you jump from SMITE to its sequel. SMITE fans willing to purchase the Founder’s Pack will get double the amount of Legacy Gems. 

Each skin purchased before SMITE’s eleventh year will be left in a perpetual limbo. However, each skin purchased in the eleventh year and onwards will be transferred to SMITE 2. The reason they’re not transferring each skin is thanks to the ravages of time.

“SMITE 2 is a multi-generational leap from SMITE 1, from Unreal Engine 3 to UE5,” according to Titan Forge Games. This means the effort and time required is far too great. Instead, they’ll be focusing on the game itself. Which is a good thing, if you like actually playing.

That’s just the way the cookie crumbles. But, at least SMITE fans get to experience a new version of their beloved, decade old game. 

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