Want to be first to test out the upcoming fighting game, 2XKO?

Riot Games' upcoming title, 2XKO, is officially now open for Alpha Lab playtest, meaning various gamers can sign up to get a chance to play the game before its official release.

Here is how you can sign up for the 2XKO Alpha Lab playtest and more.

How to sign up for the 2XKO Alpha Lab playtest

Riot Games is notorious for giving players quite a bit of time to test out new games. When Valorant first released, gamers had weeks on end to playtest the popular title. At the time, many would have to get the game through Twitch Drops.

Now, though, players will be able to sign up via the internet to explore the playtest for 2XKO.

Signups to be a part of the 2XKO Alpha Lab playtest can be done so here.

Signups are only available for those with a PC, Xbox Series X/S and PS5. You must be in the following regions to be able to join the playtest: USA, Canada, UK, France, Brazil, Japan and Mexico.

So when does the Alpha Lab playtest for Riot Games' new title begin?

Playtest release date

Unlike Valorant, the playtest will be during a much shorter period. In fact, not every player who signs up will get the chance to take part in the test.

2XKO Alpha Lab playtest dates:

  • August 8 - 19, 2024

This is the first playtest for the game, meaning there could be more in the future. Do not sweat it if you are not able to secure a spot for August, as the game could announce another test right around the corner.

Are you excited for Riot Games' new title, 2XKO?

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