Are you finally making the switch to a gaming chair? Well, you’ll want to read our review to know if Respawn chairs are a good choice.

Gaming chairs are all the rage with those of us who spend our free time clicking heads or solving puzzles. And Respawn gaming chairs are a fairly well-known commodity in the space. They offer a multitude of styles at varying costs, but how well do they perform when you're locked in?

For the purpose of this review, we've got ourselves a Respawn 200 Racing Style Gaming Chair. A blue one to be exact. For gamers, when looking at chairs, categories such as style, durability, ergonomics, and overall comfort are the most important. Let's see how it does.

Is Respawn a good gaming chair?

(Image via Respawn)
(Image via Respawn)

There are a lot factors to consider when determining if a gaming chair is a good purchase or not. Respawn delivers chairs with that in mind. They ensure every box is checked with their products. Which is why you'll get a similar feel no matter what price point you go with.

From the lower end to the high cost Respawn chairs, the looks are different, but they all deliver a similar outcome. They are a reliable gaming chair for those who want to be comfortable and look cool while playing their favorites.

You can get the lower-priced version and not have to wonder "what if" if you couldn't shell out the hundreds of dollars for their most expensive. That is perhaps the biggest positive coming from this review, but here's a breakdown of the important categories for the Respawn 200:


The style of the Respawn 200 chair is great. In fact, every chair you can get from the company gives off the some wicked vibes. When someone thinks of a gaming chair, the appearance and overall style of Respawn products is almost a perfect match.


Like most everything, Respawn chairs won't hold up if you are jumping all over them or picking them up and body slamming them. If you're using them for their intended purpose, however, they last. You'll have to tighten some bolts here and there if you're one to rage and smack the armrest every once in a while, though.


Respawn claims to have over 75 years of ergonomics expertise when it comes to their chairs. They don't expand on that expertise. Regardless, some higher end options are an ergonomic dream. Others fall short unfortunately.

The Respawn 200 is an example, as its ergonomic details, like the lumbar support and head pillow, feel like they were included just because and are a bit stiff. They simply don't provide the support they are supposed to.


You've got to sit correctly to be as comfortable as possible with the Respawn 200. It's seat is rather narrow, so it's a problem if you select it and don't quite fit. Many customer reviews state comfortability issues. It gets a passing grade, but definitely not with flying colors.

Its saving grace is the ability to adjust many aspects of the chair. You can tinker with the armrests, the seat and back tilt, and the height. Granted, there are reviews for the higher end chairs that give it two thumbs up for comfort. The Respawn 200 falls short of that.

The final verdict on the Respawn 200 gaming chair

(Image via Respawn)
(Image via Respawn)

Overall, there's more good about the Respawn 200 chair than there is bad. It works well as both a starter gaming chair or an upgrade depending on your current situation. If we had to give it a score, a 7.5/10 seems appropriate.

You can get it for a decent price through Amazon, as the ones sold on their website are their newer products. It isn't perfect, but Respawn has done a great job of evolving over the years. If you have the means, shell out the cash for one of the high end chairs. Otherwise, the 200 is a fair option.

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