A guide on how to deal with all the monsters within the increasingly popular horror game of 2023, Lethal Company.

If you haven't heard about Lethal Company, then you better check it out now! It is one of the best indie horror games to have come out in 2023 that has outsold Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III. In this game, you only have one mission: To satisfy the corporate greed of the Company with treasures you find across your explorations on uncharted moons. Beware, because no moon is deserted. Monsters roam the surface ready to give you a challenge on your expedition. But fret not because we are here to help with our handy dandy Lethal Company Monster Guide.

Complete with information on each monster's difficulty level, location and a brief explanation on how to deal with it, you can be rest assured that the your next expedition will be a walk in the park.

Lethal Company Monster Guide: Outdoors

Even though you will spend most of your time exploring inside the bunkers and mansions on the moons, there are monsters lurking on the outside. Sure, some are docile but the hostile ones will give you a little challenge in transporting your goods. The ones that can easily kill you appear in the evenings, usually starting 3 p.m. (except when the moon is eclipsed).

We will only cover monsters these monsters. The other two, Roaming Locusts and Manticoil, are harmless creatures that only add to the ambience. They can do no harm to you, nor you onto them.

Baboon Hawk

Danger level: Mild | Moons: All moons except for Rend, Dine and Titan

A hybrid morph of a baboon and a hawk. It generally poses no threat unless there is another one of its kind in close proximity. Still, they shouldn't be too much of a problem with a couple of whacks using any blunt weapon like a shovel.

Circuit Bees

Danger level: Intermediate | Location: All moons except for Rend, Dine and Titan

Electrical insects that will attack if you get too close. They are not harmful when left alone. However, if you try to steal their hives, be prepared for a world of hurt. They will chase you down for quite the distance. The hives sell for $50-$100 a pop though! Work with a partner to coordinate a heist where one acts as bait while the other does the deed.

Earth Leviathan

Danger level: Dangerous | Location: All moons

Also known as the Worm, the Earth Leviathan is the largest monster in Lethal Company. If you hear loud grumbling sounds and see rocks flying off the ground, then it's coming. Do not try to rush forward as it will catch you. Walk back instead and let the Worm pass.

Eyeless Dog

Danger level: Dangerous | Moons: All moons

One of the scarier outdoor monsters that will appear at dusk. As the name suggests, the Eyeless Dog is blind. All you have to do is sneak pass it as quietly as possible. Don't forget to turn off your walkie-talkies! If it does hear you, it will start howling and try to pounce at you. That said, there's a chance that you can dodge its attacks by side stepping when it is about to pounce. It takes a lot to kill an Eyeless Dog and you will need a $400 weapon called the Zap Gun. Therefore, your best course is to tread lightly.

Forest Giant

Danger level: Dangerous | Moons: All moons

The Forest Giant also spawns at dusk. It is a horrendous looking humanoid that will eat you gruesomely if it catches you. Unlike the Eyeless Dog, the Giant can see and hear perfectly fine. It is relatively quick, but you can still outrun it as long as you do not encumber yourself with items. Hide behind trees, rocks or other structures to avoid its attention. It can't reach you if you take cover in tight spaces. If it catches you, your only hope is for a friend to temporarily disable it with a Stun Grenade or Zap Gun.

Lethal Company Monster Guide: Indoors

In the following section of the Lethal Company Monster Guide, we move on the monsters that dwell inside the buildings on the moons. Most of them have a chance to appear in any moon, but we will identify which location has the highest spawn rate for each monster.


Danger level: Mild | Moons: Offense

The Hydrogore is a bluish-green slime that moves at extremely low speed. You can easily jump over it or just climb on top of a railing to get pass. You will take a lot of damage if you touch it. It is also invulnerable, so don't bother attacking it.

Spore Lizard

Danger level: Mild | Moons: Experimentation

A curious creature that poses no danger unless threatened. All it does is wander through the building, minding its own business. You can identify a Spore Lizard through the squeaky steps it makes. While there is absolutely no reason to attack the Lizard, you can kill it with some hits using a shovel. Beware of the poisonous fog it spews.

Hoarding Bug

Danger level: Intermediate | Moons: Assurance

A beetle-like monster that wants to loot scraps just like yourself. It follows anyone in possession of items and grabs scraps lying on the floor. It will attack if you try to steal its items. Even though it is one of the weaker monsters, you do not want to underestimate it as killing one may draw the others out.

Snare Flea

Danger level: Intermediate | Moons: Assurance

Snare Flea is one of the most annoying things you'll encounter. It hides on ceilings and waits to lunge at you as you walk pass its trap zone. It latches on to your face, muffle you up, blocks your vision and makes you drop all your items. If you are caught, you are pretty much dead unless you can find your way to the exit in time or if you have armed teammates around. One whack will free you from its grasp, but it will try to escape and hide on another ceiling if you do not finish it quick.

Bunker Spider

Danger level: Intermediate | Moons: Assurance

Bunker Spider is one of the more difficult monsters to deal with. If you see cobwebs around the vicinity, then you know its around. You do not want to get caught in the cobwebs because not only will they slow you down, they will also signal your position to the Spider. To kill it, carefully weave around it and smack it down with your weapon or gang up on it with a group. It also cannot attack you while you stand on an elevation like a railing.


Danger level: Dangerous | Moons: Offense & March

A legless beast named after the sounds it makes thumping around the building. The Thumper is extremely aggressive and fast. It will always roar before it charges at high speed. However, it is especially bad at turning so you can escape by running a few corners. Like the Spider, it cannot attack you while you are on an elevation.


Danger level: Extremely Dangerous | Moons: Vow

Also known as the Flower Man, Bracken is a shadow-like figure with high intelligence. It's not easy spotting a Bracken as it moves stealthily, but you can spot its eyes through the darkness. It enjoys the thrill of the hunt and will try to sneak up on you. When it reaches you, it will snap your neck and pull your body away quietly. You can deter a Bracken from attacking by glancing at it. However, if you stare it down for too long, it will attack you immediately. To bring it down, you will need to coordinate an attack with Zap Guns and shovels. Any misstep and it will instantly kill you.


Danger level: Extremely dangerous | Moons: Rend

Inspired by SCP-173, the Coil-Head is a nightmarish mannequin that will hunt you down when you are not looking. You cannot hurt or kill the Coil-Head. The only way to survive is to look at it to stop its movement. You will only have a few seconds to look away and plan your next move before it grabs you. Careful, there are going to be other monsters that will take your eyes off of it.

Ghost Girl

Danger level: Extremely dangerous | Moons: Rend & Titan

The scariest being of them all, the Ghost Girl is a specter that haunts her chosen victim. No one else can see her but that one person. If lights start to flicker and your hearing deafens, then that means the Ghost Girl have marked you. She will then randomly appears on and off while breathing profusely. After a while, she will start skipping toward you, signaling the attack. There is no way to defend against her because she is untouchable. You can run but you can't hide. Not even in the ship. So the only way to live is by getting out of the moon altogether. Once caught, your head will explode into smithereens.


Danger level: Abandon all hope | Moons: Dine & Titan

The Jester is famously known as the run-ender. Once you see it, your looting session is pretty much done. At first, this jack-in-the-box looking monster follows you around. It can tell where you are so there is no use hiding. Once it starts to wind itself up and plays an eerie version of the "Pop Goes The Weasel" tune, you will have about 20-40 seconds to make your escape before it fully erects its monstrous skull out of its box. It is incredibly fast and will chase you no matter where you are. At that point, there is simply no way for you to safely loot scraps. You cannot kill the Jester, but you can delay its winding time with a Zap Gun or Stun Grenade.

We hope that this Lethal Company monster guide will be helpful for your next adventure in a moon as you fight to meet your quota. Happy looting and all hail the Company.

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