Is The Finals on PlayStation 5? cover image

Is The Finals on PlayStation 5?

PlayStation 5 gamers deserve to test The Finals. But, can they?

Console FPS fans are looking for another FPS experience to go toe to toe with titles like Warzone, and Overwatch 2. For those gamers, we have the answer for whether The Finals is on PS5.

Typically, console gamers are left with less titles than their PC cousins. This means certain games get left by the wayside for titles available on consoles like PlayStation 5’s and Xbox Series X/S’.

Is The Finals on PS5?

The Finals is available for download on the PlayStation 5. This means you can press all the X and O’s on your PlayStation 5 controller in the arena.

Players will get to experience The Finals from the comfort of their couch or gaming chair at high frame-rates. Pair this stability with the beautiful design of The Finals maps, and you’ve got a game to take over Warzone or Overwatch 2. 

To download The Finals on PlayStation 5, all you have to do is:

  • Go to the PlayStation 5 menu by pressing the logo button on your controller
  • Select the Home icon at the bottom of your screen
  • Scroll over to the PlayStation Store
  • Pull your analog stick down to see what is available
  • If it’s not in the What’s Hot Section, go to the magnifying glass in the top right corner of your screen
  • Select it and type in The Finals
  • Then choose to download the files

Wait for your download to complete, and you’ll be playing The Finals on PlayStation 5 in no time at all.

What consoles can I play The Finals on?

(Image via Embark Studios)
(Image via Embark Studios)

Gamers eager to hop into The Finals arena on PS5 with their buddies can choose almost any console available. PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S owners can dabble in the three-person extravaganza, and with one more added bonus.

The Finals is a cross-platform title as well. PlayStation 5 gamers can download the roughly 8GB title and match up with rivals on the Xbox Series X/S. After you’ve spent years developing your friendship, you’ll just have to link your Embark account in order to enjoy the cross play experience.

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