Is Sons of the Forest Cross-platform? Answered cover image

Is Sons of the Forest Cross-platform? Answered

Let me Sons of the Forest with my friends, please Endnight.

Sons of the Forest brings gamers back into the hellish landscape where food, water, and temperature control everything—just like real life. 

But, if you’re trying to play Sons of the Forest with your friends, will you need to be on the same PC or console? Let’s find out:

Is Sons of the Forest cross-platform?

(Image via Endnight Games Ltd)
(Image via Endnight Games Ltd)

Unfortunately, the Sons of the Forest is not cross-platform. You’ll all have to purchase a PC if you’re looking to play with your friends.

This seems to be a trend with The Forest franchise. The first installment in Endnight Games Ltd’s horror, survival collection didn’t have cross-platform either. With its second installment, Endnight has continued the trend. 

Currently, there isn’t any indication of Sons of the Forest becoming cross-platform in the future. So, we’ll have to wait until Endnight blesses console gamers. 

What can I play Sons of The Forest on?

(Image via Endnight Games Ltd)
(Image via Endnight Games Ltd)

PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch gamers will not be able to play Sons of the Forest. You can only use your PC.

This is slightly disappointing for console gamers, mainly because The Forest was available on consoles. Gamers with a PlayStation 4 could set up their own lobbies and play amongst their like-minded friends. However, they were limited to playing with fellow PS4 gamers.

As for how long until Sons of the Forest arrives on consoles, we have no clue. Endnight Games Ltd hasn’t shed light on Sons of The Forest’s leap to consoles. Sorry, Redditors and console gamers.

Can you use your controller still?

Yes, you can use your controller in Sons of the Forest. There is full controller support, which means you can just plug it in and get going. 

While your mouse and keyboard might be more accurate for things like shooting, your controller will certainly do the trick.