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Is Sea of Thieves cross-platform?

Sea of Thieves is arguably the most popular pirate game of all time, and its cross-platform capabilities are a big reason.

Ahoy, mateys! And of all kinds. Because you'll be happy to hear that Sea of Thieves is cross-platform. No matter what system you play the pirate adventure on, you are able to play with friends on another platform if you want to make a crew.

It is a simple process, but we'll go over all the details so you know everything you need to.

Sea of Thieves is cross-play across all platforms

(Image via Rare)
(Image via Rare)

Sea of Thieves originally launched for Xbox consoles in 2018. Next-gen versions were available immediately when the new consoles arrived. That means, at the time of publication, it is playable on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

As of June 2020, PC players can obtain it through Steam. That's a lot of ways to get your hands on Sea of Thieves, and with cross-platform capabilities, all users can party up and sail the mighty seas together. This even includes the upcoming PS5 version of the game.

That's right, Sea of Thieves users on PlayStation 5 are able to pillage and plunder with PC and Xbox users. A Microsoft account is required to play, but it unlocks a variety of options, including cross-platform invitations and voice chat.

When does Sea of Thieves release on PS5?

(Image via Rare)
(Image via Rare)

Sea of Thieves is one of a handful of games Microsoft offered up to PlayStation players. The announcement brings several Xbox exclusive titles to PS5, and marks the first time a game made by Rare has made it to a Sony console.

Sea of Thieves, in all of its cross-platform glory, launches on PlayStation 5 on April 30, 2024. The final day of the fourth month will finally bring the console wars to an end. Everyone can have a swashbuckling good time together.

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