Use this guide to help unlock the Prototype Planet Diving Suit!

The Prototype Planet Diving Suit in Stellar Blade is an outfit that pushes jiggle physics to the limit. Although it isn't available until later in the game, players have sought this one out for its color scheme and how it fits EVE. This guide walks you through each step on your quest to unlock the outfit.

How to unlock the Prototype Planet Diving Suit in Stellar Blade

Unlocking the Prototype Planet Diving Suit requires you to complete a few steps before adding it to your inventory and equipping it. This guide takes you step-by-step and includes screenshots to make your experience a little more straightforward.

Step #1 - Abyss Levoire (Planet Diving Suit 3rd)

Your journey begins in Abyss Levoire, where you must acquire the Planet Diving Suit (3rd). You will arrive at the second camp after navigating the brutal labyrinth of fans and rotating sawblades, which can quickly end your life. Proceed through the door to the closed lobby. Turn right and then right again to head down the hall.

Credit: Trophygamers on YouTube
Credit: Trophygamers on YouTube

Once there, proceed through the door, and you will find a massive room with a power source in the middle. Walk toward the middle of the room, where several laser traps will automatically activate. Enemies will then come to life, and you must eliminate all of them.

Credit: Trophygamers on YouTubeCredit: Trophygamers on YouTube

After avoiding the lasers and clearing the room, a box will emerge from the center. Open the box that contains the Planet Diving Suit (3rd) and proceed to the second step.

Step #2 - Purchasing the Prototype Planet Diving Suit from Roxanne

image 1image 2

Beginning the second step, you would have completed Abyss Levoire and returned to Xion. If you have reached that point, head to Roxanne, as marked on the map above. Speak with her and navigate to her shop.

Once in Roxanne's shop, head to the "Design" tab and locate the Prototype Planet Diving Suit. Then, purchase the Design Pattern for 6 Vitcoin and exit Roxanne's shop.

image 1image 2

Step #3 - Crafting the Suit

Now that you have acquired the Design Pattern for the Prototype Planet Diving Suit head back to Lily at the entrance of Xion. Speak with her to gain access to the Repair Console. After the Repair Console opens, navigate to the "Nano Suit" tab, and craft the Suit using the following:

  • 25 Extreme Polymer Material
  • 50 Advanced Polymer Material
  • 75 Polymer Material
image 1image 2

You have successfully acquired and crafted the Prototype Planet Diving Suit in Stellar Blade. Below is a detailed look at the outfit:

image 1image 2image 3

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