The collaboration between the two mainline Final Fantasy titles returns, along with its highly sought after rewards.

Final Fantasy XIV's collaboration event with Final Fantasy XV makes its return after two and a half years of absence, with FFXIV players once again able to obtain the FFXV car Regalia and more. The limited-time event will run for just over a month, starting on September 13th and ending on October 18th.

Dubbed "Nocturne for Heroes", the event itself is a direct crossover between the two most recent mainline titles in the Final Fantasy franchise. Main protagonist Noctis Lucis Caelum finds himself stranded in the world of Hydaelyn, where FFXIV takes place. With his royal vehicle the Regalia out of commission, Noctis seeks the aid of the Warrior of Light and his friends in order to get the necessary repairs.

The first running of Nocturne for Heroes took place in 2019. This instance marks the second time the event is happening, and presents another opportunity for players to earn FFXV-themed cosmetics. Here's how to get your hands on Noctis' car, hairstyle, and more. The event itself works pretty much the same as the eighth anniversary event for A Realm Reborn, which took place last month.

How to Unlock the Nocturne for Heroes FFXIV Event

Before anything else, you'll want to unlock the questline associated with the event. You must be at least level 50, with the Main Scenario Quest "The Ultimate Weapon" completed in order to start the questline. This means that you must have at least finished the main story arc of A Realm Reborn. Once you've completed the requirements, look for the NPC Kipih Jakkya in Ul'dah's Steps of Nald (X:8.5, Y:9.7).

Kipih Jakkya will give you the quest "The Man in Black", which is followed by a further two quests later on. Upon completion, the questline rewards you with the Lucian Prince set, which includes Noctis' jacket, gloves, pants, and boots.

How to Get the FFXV Regalia Car Mount in FFXIV

Unlike the rest of the rewards in the event, however, the Regalia mount isn't free. Rather, it costs a total of 200,000 MGP (Manderville Gold Saucer Points) to purchase. While that certainly sounds like a lot of MGP to earn in such a short time, fear not. There's still plenty you can do at the Gold Saucer to get the necessary amount in time.

Fashion Report

For those that aren't aware, the Fashion Report is a weekly event at the Gold Saucer, where the goal is to equip gear that matches the "mystery theme" of the week. Participants are judged based on how many of their equipped pieces go with the theme. Scoring at least 80 points rewards players with 60,000 MGP, while scoring 100 points rewards that plus the "Fashion Leader" title. That's a huge ways towards getting the FFXV car!

It can be difficult to figure out which pieces are appropriate for each week, but thankfully the community handles that part for us. You can look up Fashion Report cheat sheets every Friday on the FFXIV subreddit, and pick out the pieces accordingly. Doing this for the next three weeks will earn you an easy 180,000 MGP in total. Not quite enough to get the Regalia, but certainly the easiest way to get close to it.

Gold Saucer Minigames

There are many ways to earn the remaining 20,000 MGP via the Gold Saucer itself. There's the daily drawing of the Mini Cactpot, a scratchcard-style minigame. If you're really lucky, you can earn 30,000 MGP in a single day just through Mini Cactpot. We recommend using a solver app (of which there are many on Google) in order to optimize your chances of hitting a big payout here. You can also try your hand at GATEs, which are minigames that occur at the Gold Saucer every 20 minutes. Make sure to also complete your Gold Saucer Challenge Log for easy points.

Once you have 200,000 MGP, head over to Entrance Square in the Gold Saucer and look for the Ironworks Vendor (X:5.3, Y:6.3) to get your shiny new wheels.

Other FFXV-based Rewards

But wait, there's more! If you have some more MGP to spare, you can also get Noctis' hairstyle and Triple Triad card for yourself. Modern Aesthetics: Lucian Locks sells for 20,000 MGP, and permanently unlocks Noctis' hair for use with the aesthetician. His card, meanwhile, costs 10,000 MGP to buy.

You can also get Orchestrion Rolls through the quests, which you can use if you have an Orchestrion in your house. Of course, the rolls themselves contain music from FFXV.