Need to know how to get the AEW: Fight Forever unlockable characters? Look no further, and get ready to play A LOT of Exhibition mode.

The roster is the thing when it comes to pro wrestling games. The newly released AEW Fight Forever is no different, with a number of unlockable characters taking center stage. We've all seen the hype around the inclusion of NJPW-era Owen Hart, the late, great Brodie Lee, and Stardust Cody Rhodes in the game. However, it's not entirely obvious upon booting up the game how you get those characters.

Let's run you through how to get each Fight Forever unlockable wrestler.

How to unlock Cody Rhodes in AEW Fight Forever

If you're looking to get the badly tattooed turncoat Cody Rhodes then you're in luck. He and referee Aubrey Edwards are the easiest to unlock. The in-game shop has both characters, purchasable with the game's non-premium currency of 'Bucks." This currency is earned by playing the game and completing challenges. As for the cost for these AEW Fight Forever unlockable characters, Cody costs 5,000 Bucks while Aubrey will set you back 20,000.

Cody's elevator not included.

Road to the Elite--and the unlockables

You'll need to grind through a great deal of AEW Fight Forever's story mode Road to the Elite if you want Owen Hart, Brodie Lee, and Paul Wight. All three require you to complete various 'blocks' in the story mode, which are branching paths based on your wins and choices. Here's where each one is located and what you'll need to do.

  • Brodie Lee

Defeat Brodie Lee in Chapter 2 for the TNT Championship. He then becomes unlockable at the shop for 30,000 Bucks.

  • Paul Wight

Defeat the man formerly known as The Big Show in under three minutes in Block 4C, in the 'Who's Ribbing Me?' storyline. You can then purchase Paul for 30,000 Bucks.

  • Owen Hart

Play 100 Single Matches in Exhibition mode. The Black Hart shows up in the shop for 50,000 Bucks.

The cream of the crop

Yikes. 100 matches? That is... A lot of Exhibition fights. Luckily, you can just play with two players selected and cheese the crap out of your uncontrolled opponent.

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