Master Rahool and exotic engrams work a bit differently in Destiny 2: The Final Shape.

One of the things everyone is looking for in Destiny 2: The Final Shape is the new exotic weapons and armor. Which, you can now craft from Master Rahool in the Tower. The vendor has undergone a rework and now offers massive rewards for players who can clear their vendor track. Here's our guide to everything you need to know about Rahool in The Final Shape.

Rahool will function very differently in Destiny 2: The Final Shape (Image via
Rahool will function very differently in Destiny 2: The Final Shape (Image via

Destiny 2 Rahool vendor guide and new exotics crafting system

Master Rahool, the Crpytarch in the Tower, has been reworked in Destiny 2: The Final Shape and now offers players the ability to craft new exotics and has his own reward track. To earn progress with Rahool, players will need to focus or decrypt engrams, but some have better yields than others.

Devs have revealed that the fastest ways to make progress with Rahool are through tier 2 and tier 1 focusing. With opening an exotic engram and a prime engram yielding the least amount of progress. Both tier 1 and tier 2 focusing can be done through the right-hand button under "Services."

Once players have completed the stamp card and gotten their Rahool rep to max level, they will unlock the "Engram Ensiders Club" or the ability to craft brand-new exotic armor through tier 3 focusing. Unless you had a lot of exotic engrams banked before The Final Shape, this full upgrade will require some grinding.

How to level up Rahool rep quickly in Destiny 2: The Final Shape

The quickest way to level up your rep with Rahool in The Final Shape is by earning exotic engrams and using them to do tier 1 and tier 2 focusing. The fastest way to earn these engrams is through the weekly challenges system. This is also the best method for completing the new Ritual Pathfinder. These challenges are completed automatically as players complete ritual activities like Vanguard Ops, Onslaught, Crucible, and Gambit.

So, if you are eager to try out Destiny 2's newest and best exotics, make sure you are getting as much rep as you can with Rahool through focusing.

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