Let’s get this error out of the way so you can game with your friends.

The Game Creation Failed error can stop your Enshrouded gaming session from the get-go. 

Gamers around the globe have likely experienced an error similar to this in one way or another. These types of errors are enough to get some players to refund their game. So, let’s avoid that and get you back into Enshrouded.

How to fix the Game Creation Failed error in Enshrouded

(Image via Keen Games)
(Image via Keen Games)

Fixing the Game Creation Failed error in Enshrouded isn’t impossible. It just requires a bit of tinkering. With any luck, you’ll be back to the grind in no time.

Enshrouded Server Restart

The classic method of fixing any issue is turning it off and on again. Make sure you test this before you do anything else, as it can typically fix most issues. Try waiting 10 to 15 minutes before trying again. Play some chess or something in the meantime.

But, if you’re stuck, let’s move on. There are other fixes, thanks to big-brained community members.

Run Enshrouded as administrator

(Image via Keen Games)
(Image via Keen Games)

This particular fix has been effective for some gamers. Firstly, avoid using the Enshrouded shortcut and open Enshrouded using your administrator. This means you’ll have to locate Enshrodued’s exec file, which can be done by going into Steam and right-clicking Enshrouded. Then click Properties and go into Installed files. 

The next step is to click Browse and locate the exec file inside. Once that’s done, you should be able to play with your friends.

Game Creation error Enshrouded: Change the server password

(Image via Keen Games)
(Image via Keen Games)

Believe it or not, simply changing the password in Enshrouded can be an effective way of side-stepping the Game Creation Failed error. Make sure your new password is longer than the old one, and also remember to write it down.

That’s all we have for fixes in Enshrouded’s current state. Hopefully, the Game Creation error isn’t bothering you anymore.