This quick guide will fix the Steam error 16 code in no time.

Steam Error 16 can be a frustrating view on your screen when you just want to launch your favorite game and play. Thankfully, we have a short and easy guide on various steps that deal with How to fix Steam Error 16.

What is Steam error 16?

Steam error 16 is a time-out error that indicates the application is not working or that parts of Steam are not running correctly. There are many reasons why Steam error 16 could be popping up on your system. Here are some examples of when the error message can appear:

  • Poor internet connection
  • Background applications interfering with Steam
  • Outdated computer hardware
  • Low memory
  • Graphics driver require updating

How to fix Steam Error 16?

While there might be other reasons for Steam Error 16, the abovementioned reasons are the most common. We recommend going through the list below to ensure you do not face the error.

Poor internet connection

Poor Internet connection can be a big reason for this error. The lack of adequate internet connection or speed means certain files might not be loading properly and this might cause the game to not work as intended.

  1. Close all of your applications - if it makes it easier you can completely restart your system
  2. Turn off your Router and Modem completely from the power supply
  3. Wait 30 seconds before turning it back on
  4. Plug in your ethernet cable if you have one and load Steam

We heavily recommend gaming with an ethernet cable. While wifi might seem easier to use, it can cause input delays that will impact your performance. Using an ethernet cable ensures you can get the fastest speed possible.

Clear Steam cache

One of the easiest solutions for most problems that occur in Steam is to clear the download cache. Clearing an application's cache is one of the best solutions for a loading or formatting problem that is occurring in the background, this could be one of the reasons the Steam error 16 code is appearing.

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  1. Open up Steam
  2. Click on the Steam icon in the top left corner and select settings from the drop-down menu
  3. Once you have accessed settings, head on over to the downloads tab
  4. Select Clear Download Cache
  5. Click Ok

Clearing the download cache gets rid of unwanted files that may be interfering with the game launch operations. It's similar to a system reset, but there is nothing in Steam's cache anymore.

Run disk clean up

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Running a disk cleanup may prevent you from having the Steam error 16 timeouts appear. With a disk cleanup, you are able to delete temporary internet files which could be the reason you are getting timed out from Steam.

  1. Press the Windows button on your keyboard
  2. Type 'disk clean up' into the search bar
  3. Select the storage device you save everything from Steam onto
  4. Make sure temporary internet files are checked
  5. Click Ok then Delete Files

Verify Integrity of Steam Files

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