Marvel Rivals has various in-game events during its Closed Alpha Test, including a way to get an invite code for a friend.

You could be one of the lucky thousands chosen or win a code through a content creator. That's typically how you'd get into the Marvel Rivals Closed Alpha test, but there's another way for you to get an extra invite code.

If you've got a friend that didn't make it in, tell them some good news. You are able to obtain an invite code when you reach level 6. It is first come, first served, however. So, get to playing so you can bring a buddy into the mix!

How to get an invite code for a friend in the Marvel Rivals Closed Alpha Test

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(Screenshot via

It is really that simple. You just have to reach level 6. It is an ongoing event which says it reset at 5:00 p.m. PDT. Does this mean it resets each day, where a new event happens that allows players to earn an extra Marvel Rivals invite code?

Or does it mean the event just simply ends and all codes are no longer available at that point? It doesn't explicitly say, so you should do your best to get to level 6 as soon as possible. That way, you can get your duo into the 10-day long test.

How to level up in Marvel Rivals

(Screenshot via
(Screenshot via

Levelling up in Marvel Rivals is easy. You literally just have to play the game. Jump into a Quick Match or a Pocket Universe game. If you have Competitive unlocked, queue up when it is available for a challenge as you level up.

With many rewards available at higher levels, it seems like NetEase has given everyone plenty of time to reach the levels they desire. You just need to put in the work, to unlock a variety of cosmetics you can take into the full launch, and an extra code to party with a friend during the test.

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