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How to complete Recruit Passcode Specialists in Stellar Blade

This guide will help you Recruit Passcode Specialists in Stellar Blade.

Stellar Blade's Recruit Passcode Specialists quest is a complex experience. It requires you to visit several locations to collect Chapter of Trials, all in pursuit of 20,000 gold, the La Vie en Rose outfit, and the satisfaction of completing a challenging task. This guide explains everything you must do to Recruit Passcode Specialists.

Where do I claim the Recruit Passcode Specialists request?

To begin your journey to Recruit Passcode Specialists in Stellar Blade, head to the bulletin board in Xion. The location is shown on the map above alongside the list of available requests. One of those requests is the quest we are covering today.

What is the goal of this Quest?

The purpose of this quest is for you to collect all seven Chapters, as outlined in the image above. These are hidden in the following locations:

  • Matrix 11 (1)
  • Great Desert (3)
  • Wasteland (3)

After locating three Chapters, you must decipher the code using the final character of each. Then, you can head to the last location on Wasteland and input the correct code to claim the final Chapter and La Vie en Rose outfit.

Now, we will go through each Chapter of Trial to show you where to find the hidden areas.

Chapter of Trial 1-

The Chapter of Trial 1 is perhaps the most challenging to find if you didn't grab it while on Matrix 11. You can first claim this Chapter after finding the Rotten Labyrinth Human Hideout, which has an altar covered in candles. The first Chapter sits on that altar; you can grab it once the cut scene finishes. Unfortunately, we cannot show this on a map, so you must backtrack if you didn't acquire it on your first pass.

Chapter of Trial 2-

The Great Desert holds the next three Chapters in the Recurit Passcode Specialists Stellar Blade quest. As you can see on the map above, you must head to this location in the northeast area of the Great Desert. Once there, you will find a small broken building. Head over to the broken building, jump up to your right, and the hidden area will be there.

Chapter of Trial 3-

After grabbing Chapter of Trial 2, head directly south to the location marked on the map above. You will find this hidden spot inside a broken building within the ruined city. The first image below shows the building you must enter to find Chapter of Trial 3. Proceed in, head straight, and it will be on your right.

Chapter of Trial 4-

Chapter of Trial 4 is the last one located in the Great Desert on your Recruit Passcode Specialists journey. This spot is on the western part of the Great Desert near a massive hollowed-out tube. After you find the tube next to the location marked on the map above, proceed down the tube while avoiding all the obstacles.

You will land in a body of water after reaching the bottom of the tube. To find Chapter of Trial 6, turn right from where you land, which will be on the land.

Chapter of Trial 5-

Once you have collected all the Chapters of Trials in the Great Desert, travel to the Wasteland for the final three. You will find Chapter of Trial 5 in a carved-out rock at the location marked on the map above.

However, depending on where you spawn in the Wasteland, you may want to grab this one after you grab Chapter of Trial 6. Chapter of Trial 5 is near Chapter of Trial 7, so it makes more sense to collect 5 second-to-last.

Chapter of Trial 6-

As mentioned in the Chapter of Trial 5 section, Chapter of Trial 6 is near where you will spawn when entering the Wasteland, so you should grab this one first. The location is marked by the blue arrow on the map above. This area features various enemies, so prepare to fight your way through.

Once you have eliminated all enemies, Chapter of Trial 6 is hidden in a carved-out mountain face, as shown in the image below.

Chapter of Salvation 0-

Once you have collected the previous six Chapters of Trial, you must collect the Chapter of Salvation in a red shipping container within a broken building. The location on the map above shows where you would stand before entering the building.

After walking inside and defeating the enemies, you will approach the panel and must enter a passcode. The second screenshot below shows the precise passcode, but you can also find it as the final character in Chapter of Trial 1-6 and Chapter of Salvation.

Now that the container is open, you can claim Chapter of Salvation 0 and the La Vie en Rose outfit and head back to Xion to complete the Recruit Passcode Specialists Stellar Blade quest.

Completing the Recruit Passcode Specialists quest back on Xion

After wrapping up on the Wasteland, proceed back to the bulletin board in Xion. Once there, you can officially complete the quest and claim your 20,000 currency reward.

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