They won’t show up automatically in your inventory.

The Stellar Blade Deluxe Edition comes with a handful of rewards and bonuses, but unfortunately, it's impossible to claim them right away in the campaign.

Players must play Stellar Blade for at least some hours before getting their money's worth. Here's how and when you can finally get the rewards and bonuses from the Deluxe Edition.

How to claim Stellar Blade Deluxe Edition rewards

To claim the Stellar Blade Deluxe Edition rewards, you must reach the city of Xion. This, by itself, will most likely take between four to six hours of gameplay depending on how fast you can progress through the story. Here's a detailed step-by-step guide on how to claim the rewards:

  1. Play Stellar Blade until reaching Gigas, the first Alpha Naytiba boss in the game.
  2. Beat Gigas and arrive in Xion.
  3. Once in Xion, move forward in the direction of the short stair and you'll see a golden box on the ground.
  4. Open up the box (image below) and claim the Deluxe rewards and bonuses.
It will take some time, but you'll eventually claim your Deluxe Edition rewards (Image via Shift Up)
It will take some time, but you'll eventually claim your Deluxe Edition rewards (Image via Shift Up)

All rewards included in Stellar Blade Deluxe Edition

The Stellar Blade Deluxe Edition includes cosmetics — which don't do anything besides changing Eve, Lily, and Adam — gold, and SP EXP. These last two can significantly speed you the process of upgrading Eve's abilities. Here's everything included in the Deluxe Edition:

  • Stargazer Suit for EVE
  • Half-rim Glasses for EVE
  • Quadruple Rectangle Earrings for EVE
  • Stargazer Wear for Adam and Lily
  • Stargazer Pack for the Drone
  • 2,000 SP EXP
  • 5,000 Gold in-game currency

Stellar Blade is officially coming out for PlayStation 5 on April 26, so don't forget to claim your special rewards if you bought the Deluxe Edition.

This is everything for now. Be sure to check for more Stellar Blade news and guides.

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