Helldivers 2 Servers at Capacity issue explained cover image

Helldivers 2 Servers at Capacity issue explained

Might be time to play another game while you wait.

Clocking on for your routine Helldivers 2 gaming session can be the best way to blow off steam. But, if the Helldivers 2 Servers at Capacity error is popping up, your session will likely end before it even started.

But what does it mean and is there a way around it? You’ve come to the right place, we have the explanation for you.

Why does the Helldivers 2 Server at Capacity error occur?

Players have been left waiting to join Helldivers 2 for extended periods of time. The Servers at Capacity problem stems from the sheer amount of players attempting to log on at once. 

It seems everyone is trying to start their gaming sessions just as you were hopping on. Typically, this would go away after a few minutes of waiting. But, on certain days and at particular times, you can be forced to wait hours.

With new and popular releases, this is bound to happen. Remember New World? I waited hours to finally get my boots on the ground on the release day. But, I made it in eventually. This was later combated by less players logging on and changes to server size.

How to fix Helldivers 2 Servers at Capacity

(Image via Arrowhead Game Studios)
(Image via Arrowhead Game Studios)

The main solution is to wait until you’re allowed in. The Servers at Capacity error in Helldivers 2 is usually beyond your control. However, there are other ways to make sure it’s not a fault on your end before you wait for hours.

Try to log in again

This can be the most nerve-racking thing to do, mainly because of the risk of losing your place in the queue. But, sometimes closing after five to 10 minutes of waiting and trying again is the easiest way to get back into the server.

Verify the Integrity of Game Files

To do this, go to your Steam library and do the following:

  • Right Click Helldivers 2
  • Go into Properties
  • Click Installed Files
  • Press Verify Integrity of Game Files
  • Try playing again once it's done

Turn off your VPN

(Image via Arrowhead Game Studios)
(Image via Arrowhead Game Studios)

If you’re using a VPN, turn that bad boy off. Once you’ve turned it off, restart your game and try to join again.

Otherwise, there aren’t many fixes available for this particular issue. You’ll have to get the fire going and read a book while you wait. Helldivers 2 Server at Capacity is hard to fix, so you might have to wait a while.