Helldivers 2 Hack Attempt Detected Error: How to fix cover image

Helldivers 2 Hack Attempt Detected Error: How to fix

You better not be cheating.

Don’t worry, Helldivers 2’s Hack Attempt Detected error doesn't mean you’re actually banned or cheating—at least, in most cases.

There are some simple fixes for this particular error. Let’s go through all the steps and make sure you can get back into your Helldivers 2 lobby. But, if you are cheating, I’m sorry but these won’t help.

Helldivers 2 Hack Attempt Detected Error fix

(Image via Arrowhead Game Studios)
(Image via Arrowhead Game Studios)

There are a few fixes for the Helldivers 2 Hack Attempt Detected Error, each more timely than the last.

Restart your game

Firstly, this is the best method of fixing anything ever. Restarting your game is an incredibly effective and simple thing to do and you must do it first almost every time. Sometimes external apps are making your Helldivers 2 life hard, and this jolt can be the perfect fix.

Close any anti-cheat or unnecessary external programs

Sometimes other applications or anti-cheats can interfere with your Helldivers 2 experience. Even VALORANT’s Vanguard anti-cheat could cause an issue like this, make sure everything is off and try playing Helldivers 2 again. With some luck, the Hack Attempt Detected error will be long gone. 

Reinstall Helldivers 2

This is a bit of a pain. But unfortunately, it is the way it is. To uninstall Helldivers 2 from Steam, simply go into your library and right-click the game. Then click Manage and finally Uninstall. 

Contact Helldivers 2 support

The Hack Attempt Detected error can be pesky. Fortunately, this is a problem customer support might be well aware of. Contacting support can be tricky. But, posting on Helldivers 2’s Steam support page is a quick way to get some attention from like-minded players or Arrowhead Games Studio’s support team.

Otherwise, going onto Helldivers 2’s Twitter page and commenting on their posts or waiting for a patch is your next step.

With some luck, the Helldivers 2 Hack Attempt Detected error will be out of your way. Just remember, it won't work if you're actually cheating.