What trophies will you be trying to collect when Stellar Blade drops?

Stellar Blade is launching very soon, so we've compiled a full list of all of the 43 total PlayStation trophies that we know of ahead of its release.

Stellar Blade is the highly-anticipated action game from South Korean developer Shift Up. It's a bright and flashy action game that unabashedly takes inspiration from its successful peers. If you're looking for an easy way to track what you need to get done to collect the coveted platinum trophy, then esports.gg is here to help.

Stellar Blade trophies

Spoiler Warning: This article includes possible spoilers for Stellar Blade's story. If you're trying to go in blind, turn away now.

Platinum trophies

Stellar Blade's sole platinum trophy is for collecting all of the other trophies, as per the norm.

  • Eve Protocol - Acquire all other trophies

Gold trophies

Abaddon from Stellar Blade (Image via Shift Up)
Abaddon from Stellar Blade (Image via Shift Up)

Stellar Blade only has three gold trophies, each for achieving one of the game's three endings.

  • Cost of Lost Memories: Achieve the Cost of Lost Memories ending
  • Making New Memories: Achieve the Making New Memories ending
  • Return to the Colony: Achieve the Return to the Colony ending

Silver trophies

Eve's Nanosuit selection screen in the game (Image via IGN)
Eve's Nanosuit selection screen in the game (Image via IGN)

Stellar Blade's 12 silver trophies are story-related milestones alongside several of the high-end collectible and combat-related trophies. This includes Eve's outfits, which we have a full list of here.

  • Beep!: Complete D1G-g2r's story
  • Beyond Fate: Complete Enya and Su's story
  • Box Hunter: Open 200 boxes
  • Can Collector: Collect all the can
  • Cruel Liberator: Defeat 1500 enemies
  • Lonely Fisherman: Catch 20 unique fish
  • Meticulous Explorer: Activate every Camp
  • Nano Suit Collector: Acquire 30 Nano Suits
  • Naytiba Researcher: Collect all information on the Naytibas
  • Perfect Rechargeable Tumbler: Fully enhance the Rechargeable Tumbler
  • Records Collector: Collect 200 Data Bank entries
  • Sisterly Love: Complete Kaya's story

Bronze trophies

Tachy in the Stellar Blade Character tab of the Data Bank menu (Image via Shift Up)
Tachy in the Stellar Blade Character tab of the Data Bank menu (Image via Shift Up)

The bronze trophies are mostly for defeating bosses, doing certain actions in combat a set number of times, or fully upgrading one of the many progression systems. The most interesting among them is Relentless Agent, which references a "Tachy Mode" that is currently unrevealed. It's unclear exactly what Tachy Mode entails, but it definitely has to do with the eponymous character Tachy.

  • 14 Hidden Trophies: Defeat bosses numbered 1-14. The trophies for Boss 5 and 10 read "Retrieve the Hyper Cell from X"
  • Agile Gladiator: Perfect Parry 300 attacks
  • Battlefield Martial Art: Perfect Dodge 200 attacks
  • Cold-Blooded Sniper: Defeat 150 enemies with ranged attacks
  • Naytiba Hunter: Defeat 100 enemies with Beta Skills
  • Perfect Beta Energy Enhancement: Fully enhance Beta Energy
  • Perfect Blood Edge: Fully enhance Blood Edge
  • Perfect Exospine: Fully enhance 10 Exospines
  • Perfect Physical Enhancement: Fully enhance HP
  • Relentless Agent: Defeat 50 enemies in Tachy Mode
  • Silent Executioner: Execute 50 enemies
  • Thorough Technician: Learn all skills

These are all of the Stellar Blade trophies you can collect. Best of luck on your journey towards your very own Eve Protocol.

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