So many editions to choose from!

Star Wars Outlaws has several different editions to choose from. With some of these costing some serious money, how do you choose which one to go for? The game is set to release on August 30, meaning time is running out to make your choice.

We've got you covered! Here is all the Star Wars Outlaws editions, what they contain and crucially how much they cost.

All Star Wars Outlaws editions explained

There are three options for those wanting to Pre-Order Star Wars Outlaws.

These are:

  • Standard Edition
  • Gold Edition
  • Ultimate Edition

In addition there is a Ubisoft+, which includes the Ultimate Edition. Ubisoft+ is a monthly game pass-style that will include the Ultimate Edition from day one. You'll be able to get access to an additional library of games, in addition to Star Wars Outlaws.

Here are what you get with each edition and how much they will set you back. Be warned, some of these versions are pretty pricey!

Standard Edition

The Standard Edition of Star Wars Outlaws costs $69.99.

This will include the Base game, and a Pre-Order Bonus. This is the Kessel Runner Bonus Pack, which includes a cosmetic pack for your speeder and a cosmetic for the Trailblazer starship.

Gold Edition

The Gold Edition of Star Wars Outlaws costs $109.99.

This edition includes everything in the Standard Edition, plus 3 days of Early Access and the 'Season Pass'. This grants you access to two DLCs that will release after launch. Additionally you will get the "Jabba's Gambit" exclusive mission (featuring... Jabba the Hutt!) as well as the Kessel Runner Character Pack that contains additional cosmetics for Kay and Nix.

Ultimate Edition

The Star Wars Outlaws Ultimate Edition costs $129.99.

The Ultimate Edition is the most expensive version of Star Wars Outlaws avaliable. However, this edition comes with just about anything you can think of. You get the Early Access, Pre-Order bonuses and Season Pass that the other versions grant you.

In addition to those, you also get the Rogue Infiltrator bundle including cosmetics for Kay, Nix, the speeder, and the Trailblazer spaceship. That isn't all, Ultimate Edition owners will get the Sabacc Shark bundle including even more cosmetics for Kay and her blaster, Nix, the speeder, and the Trailblazer spaceship.

Finally, purchasers will get a Digital Art book which contains a selection of the games concept art and visuals as well as unique cinematic storyboards.

$129.99 is obviously very expensive for a game. However, with so many DLC's and cosmetic packs avaliable, this isn't quite as expensive as it first can seem.

Ubisoft+ Subscription includes Star Wars Outlaws Ultimate Edition

Anyone who is subscribed to Ubisoft+ can get the Ultimate Edition of Star Wars Outlaws on release. This service costs $17.99 per month, but does include over 100 other PC games including new releases. Ubisoft advertise that you can cancel and come back anytime. If you are the sort of player to grind a game for only a month or two, you could get the Ultimate Edition of this game for less than $40 in theory.

With so many options and price points to choose from, which version of Star Wars Outlaws will you be grabbing? Stay tuned to for more Star Wars Outlaws news and guides.