Here’s everything you should look to do before The Final Shape in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2: The Final Shape officially arrives on June 4 and will be bringing massive updates to the Bungie looter shooter. With only a few days left before its release, here's everything you need to do in the game's current state to prepare for the massive expansion.

#10: Ensure you have enough available storage for Destiny 2: The Final Shape

In the final This Week in Destiny before The Final Shape, Destiny 2 devs shared the storage requirements for the long-awaited expansion, and they are pretty staggering. If you are planning on playing the new expansion on Steam, you'll need 300 GB of storage. Prepare accordingly.

Storage requirements for Destiny 2: The Final Shape (Image via Bungie)
Storage requirements for Destiny 2: The Final Shape (Image via Bungie)

#9: Pre-order The Final Shape to get rewards

If you are fully planning on playing the new expansion, why not pre-order? If you do, you'll earn exclusive in-game rewards. Once you've pre-ordered, these will show up in your Special Delivery box at the Tower. Rewards include an Exotic Fusion Rifle, a ship, a ghost shell, and some player banners.

#8: Turn in all of your legendary shards

Legendary shards are going away in The Final Shape, so make sure to get them all turned in before the scheduled downtime on June 3. You can do this with Rahool in the Tower or with Hawthorne if you are in need of some Raid Banners. Use them before you lose them!

What class are you playing in The Final Shape? (Image via Bungie)
What class are you playing in The Final Shape? (Image via Bungie)

#7: Complete the Lightfall Annual Pass and any previous missions

If you have not already, you have a few more days to complete the Annual Pass for Lightfall in Destiny 2. You can do so by earning XP through completing any of the game's offered bounties or quests. Of, if you haven't yet, go back and play through some of the game's older campaign missions to ensure you have all of the rewards you can get.

#6: Stockpile some completed bounties

A somewhat cheeky way that Destiny 2 players can get a leg up on XP heading into a new expansion is by stockpiling some unclaimed completed bounties, then turning them all in for an XP boost at the start of a new expansion. However, seeing as The Final Shape will be a massive update and several vendors are being resorted, this may not work as it has in the past. But, if you are going to try this, make sure they are destination vendors, not ones in the Tower.

#5: Start theorycrafting your Prismatic build

Prismatic is one of the biggest highlights of Destiny 2: The Final Shape, and for good reason. This new subclass will be what everyone is playing in the new expansion, seeing as you will be able to pull from all of the current Light and Dark subclasses. With some information already available and gameplay previews out, why not start imagining what kind of OP build you can come up with?

#4: Watch all of the Destiny 2: The Final Shape pre-release content

Destiny 2 devs have been doing everything they can to get the community as hyped as possible for this expansion and, it's working. Whether it's the release trailer above, the two-part ViDoc series, or any of the Exotic weapon previews, there is a ton to watch if you are planning on playing Destiny 2: The Final Shape.

#3: Beware of Destiny 2: The Final Shape spoilers and leaks

Unfortunately, on May 30 there was a fairly large gameplay leak through Sony that allowed some players to get full access to The Final Shape for nearly five hours before it was taken down. Luckily, the community has been doing its best to take down any leaks that have been posted on Reddit or elsewhere, but there are likely still some leaks out there. Be careful until June 4th!

#2: Prepare for 25-hour downtime on June 3rd

While Destiny 2: The Final Shape officially releases on June 4, there will be 25 hours of downtime for the game to be patched starting on June 3 at 9:00 AM PDT. So, ensure you have everything you need done in Destiny's current state before the morning of June 3.

This means that The Final Shape will officially go live on June 4 at 10:00 AM PDT.

#1: Cancel all of your other plans for June 4th

Enjoy launch day, plain and simple. This could very easily be the final piece of new content that Destiny 2 gets before we find out what's next for the franchise, so take the day and celebrate it with the thousands of other guardians who will be online. It's going to be a fun one.

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