Will LEGO Fortnite be permanent? cover image

Will LEGO Fortnite be permanent?

Will LEGO Fortnite be permanent? Or is the game mode just temporary?

LEGO Fortnite has officially just dropped and the gaming world is having a blast creating their own worlds and more. The new game mode has become incredibly popular just in the first few hours of its release, but is LEGO Fortnite going to be a permanent game mode? Or just temporary?

Here are the answers you are looking for.

Is LEGO Fortnite a permanent game mode?

With how much fun people are having building their own houses, worlds and more with LEGO Fortnite, many are wondering whether or not the game mode is here to stay permanently. The new mode not only features over 1,000 Fortnite skins as LEGOs, but it also allows players to craft their own villages and more.

So is LEGO Fortnite here to stay? As of now, yes.

Fortnite has neglected to put an end date on the collaboration with LEGO, which is leading people to believe that the game mode is set to be permanent, which is great news for a lot of fans.

Fortnite adds LEGO mode and Rocket Racing mode

With the announcement of LEGO Fortnite, the game also announced the upcoming Rocket Racing mode, which will be released on December 8. This game mode is supposed to resemble Rocket League, which is another title owned by Epic Games.

Rocket League skins will be transferable to Rocket Racing in Fortnite, making a lot of gamers extremely excited.

After coming off of OG Fortnite, many players were worried the game was going to fall back to its standard self. Fortnite, though, is showing us that they do not plan on staying the same game forever. More and more unique modes continue to be released, proving Fortnite to be one of the best video games of all time.

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