Who is Lewis Hamilton? And why is he in Fortnite? cover image

Who is Lewis Hamilton? And why is he in Fortnite?

Who is Lewis Hamilton and how has he gotten a skin in Fortnite?

Every one in a while Fortnite throws in an Icon Skin that shocks a lot of fans. While many celebrities in Fortnite are usually well known by everyone playing the game, there are a few that fall under some more particular niches. One of these figures in Fortnite is Lewis Hamilton.

So who is Lewis Hamilton? And why does he have his own Fortnite skin?

Who is Lewis Hamilton in Fortnite?

Lewis Hamilton is a popular British race car driver who competes in Formula One. Hamilton currently drives for Mercedes and is one of the most well-renowned drivers in the league.

So who would have ever expected to see him in Fortnite?

Well, the race car driver only just got his Icon Skin back in November of 2023, so being that Fortnite had just introduced Rocket Racing soon after, it seems like Lewis Hamilton's addition to the game was perfect timing.

But how does a player get his skin in Fortnite?

How to get Lewis Hamilton in Fortnite

Grabbing the Fortnite skin is quite easy. All you need is V-Bucks. Now, do remember though, that Lewis Hamilton's Fortnite skin is not in the Item Shop forever. The Icon Skin recently made another appearance within the shop (April 2, 2023) and will be leaving again soon.

Who knows when he will join the game again.

So how much does Lewis Hamilton's skin cost in Fortnite?

  • 1,500 V-Bucks

Lewis Hamilton also has his own bundle available for purchase. Here is everything included in the bundle:

  • Lewis Hamilton (Skin)
  • Rocket-Ready Roscoe (Back Bling)
  • Lunch Day Lewis Hamilton (Skin)
  • Pole Position (Pickaxe)

The cost of the bundle is 2,400 V-Bucks and can be purchased in the Item Shop.

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