Want to get your hands on the Eon skin in Fortnite?

Ever heard of the legendary Eon in Fortnite? This incredibly rare skin has been circulating throughout the game for years now, and many players want to know how they can acquire the unique outfit.

But is getting your hands on the Eon skin in Fortnite an easy task? Or is it a bit more difficult than people think?

Here is a history of who the legendary Eon is in Fortnite and how to get the skin.

Who is Eon in Fortnite?

First released in 2018, Eon became a huge hit with Fortnite gamers. The popular skin is a reskin of Criterion, another skin released in Chapter 1. While Eon has been around for quite some time, it has never actually been in the Item Shop or a part of a Battle Pass.

So how were players getting the Eon skin back in 2018 when it was released if it was never up for sale in the game?

It's simple. The Eon skin was released as a bundle with the Xbox One S. Players who wanted to acquire the unique skin would have had to purchase an Xbox One S at the time, which cost $249.99 USD.

Yes, that literally means that players would have had to spend $250 for this skin, making it extremely rare.

How can a player get Eon now?

Acquiring the Eon skin now is even harder than it was back in 2018. The skin has become so rare that its value has skyrocketed. Many sites still have the code that was given to consumers who purchased the Xbox One S back in 2018 and have been selling them on different websites.

The skin currently sells online from $900 to $1200, making it one of the rarest and most expensive skins within the game.

So if you have the money to spend and truly want to get your hands on the Eon skin, then the possibility of buying her is there, but the outfit is quite expensive. It will probably stay that way too, unless Fortnite decides to add her to the Item Shop someday, which is highly unlikely.

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