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Where is Sunswoon Lagoon in Fortnite?

Complete your Summer Escape challenges by finding Sunswoon Lagoon in Fortnite.

Trying to finish your Summer Escape quests in Fortnite? To do so, one of the quests requires you to swim in the waters of Sunswoon Lagoon for 75 meters. So where exactly is Sunswoon Lagoon?

Here is a guide on how you can find Sunswoon Lagoon in Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 3.

Sunswoon Lagoon: Where to find it in Fortnite

Sunswoon Lagoon is not an actual named POI on the Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 3 map, making it a bit more difficult to find for some players. So how exactly do you get to this hidden location? Well, it is quite easy.

The location of Sunswoon Lagoon is just North of Rumble Ruins and right to the West of Creeky Compound. All you have to do is open up your map and find those two POIs, then locating Sunswoon Lagoon will be a breeze after that.

Purradise Meowskers (Image via Fortnite)
Purradise Meowskers (Image via Fortnite)

Once there, just jump in the waters and swim! Hurry though, the challenge ends on July 18.

The Lagoon sits in the jungle of the map, so be wary of hidden players and wildlife such as Raptors roaming the area.

The area has quite a few fishing spots too, making it a perfect spot for looting. Purradise Meowskers walks the area too. Buy an Epic Havoc Pump from the AI if you have gold for it.

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The map has a new jungle biome, and players are loving all of the new aspects of the game. Season 3 ends at the end of August, so make sure you are living it up on the island for the Summer!

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