Will the infamous Travis Scott skin ever return to Fortnite?

Today marks three years since the Travis Scott skin left the Fortnite item shop. During its release, the skin was extremely popular. A live event featuring the rapper took over the game for a day.

But when will the Travis Scott skin actually return to Fortnite?

Will the Travis Scott skin ever come back to Fortnite?

People question all the time whether or not the infamous Travis Scott skin will return to Fortnite. It has been three years since the skin was available for purchase, making it somewhat of a rare skin.

So will the Travis Scott skin ever make its return within the Fortnite item shop? The answer is up in the air.

First off, Fortnite does not put Icon Series skins into item shops for a second time very often. The probability of Travis Scott being included in their item shop over some of their other Icon Skins is low.

Also, due to the rapper's tragic concert in 2021 where nine attendees were left dead and multiple injured, Travis Scott has not been seen in the best light. Fortnite even pulled an emote of his being sold in the Item Shop after the concert.

Whether or not that has inhibited Fortnite's decision to bring the rapper back to the item shop is unknown.

How to get the Travis Scott skin

As of now, there is no possible way for someone to obtain the Travis Scott skin if they did not first purchase it during his live event in the game three years ago.

Travis Scott Fortnite skin (Image via YouTube)
Travis Scott Fortnite skin (Image via YouTube)

For now, the only thing you can do is wait and see if the rapper's skin ever gets released in the Item Shop again.

Is the Travis Scott skin rare?

In short; yes. The Travis Scott skin was only in the item shop once. This would make it a rare skin. Although, Fortnite was also at an all-time high, so the skin probably was bought by quite a few people.

It may be rare, but it is no original Renegade Raider.

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