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When is Fortnite’s next live event?

When is Fortnite’s next big in-game live event?

Fortnite has cornered the gaming market with their extravagant live events. No other game has managed to pull off what Epic Games can do. That being said, it has been an entire year since the Battle Royale put on one of its infamous events... so when is the next Fortnite live event?

The game continues to hold various tournaments and even continues the storyline taking place on the island, yet there has not been a single live event to coincide. This has players wondering when they can expect another Fortnite live event in-game.

Will Fortnite have another live event?

If you are a fan of Fortnite, you know how big of a deal their events are. Millions of people tune in each time to see just what the game has in store for them. From storyline events to in-game concerts, Fortnite knows how to grab people's attention.

So, will Fortnite have another live event?

At the end of last summer, Fortnite held an event to end Chapter 3. Before that, the previous live event was the end of Chapter 2. The game USED to have live events quite frequently. Concerts from Travis Scott, Ariana Grande and more were becoming the norm for the game.

Fortnite Ariana Grande Live Event (Image via The Verge)
Fortnite Ariana Grande Live Event (Image via The Verge)

Now, it seems they are only doing live events in between chapters.

So will the next live event be when Chapter 4 ends? There is no way of knowing for sure, but for the time being, that seems to be the answer.

Chapter 4 has no end date, but will presumably end going into 2024.

Every past Fortnite event

Every Fortnite live event:

  • The Meteor Event
  • The Blast-Off Event
  • The Cube Event
  • The Butterfly Event
  • The Ice Storm Event
  • Showtime Live Event
  • The Unvaulting Event
  • The Final Showdown Event
  • Zero Point Destabilization Event
  • The End Event
  • Live at Risky Reels
  • The Device Event
  • The Devourer of Worlds Event
  • Zero Point Destabilization Event
  • Zero Crisis Finale Event
  • Abduction Warm-up Event
  • Rift Tour Event
  • Operation: Sky Fire Event
  • The End (Chapter 2) Event
  • Collision Event
  • Fracture Event

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