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What is National Fortnite Day? Explained

Fortnite day, every day.

National Fortnite Day has been floating around the internet and while it might seem ridiculous, there might be something behind it. Celebrating a special moment is something humans do. And as a fellow human, I’m down to find a day to enjoy Fortnite.

Here’s what it’s about:

What on earth is National Fortnite Day?

National Fortnite Day has been discussed over the past few years. In essence, it’s a day where people take time off school, work, university, or whatever it is they do to play Epic Games’ battle royale.

It’s seemed to originate from random kids talking in their Fortnite lobbies. However, there have been websites fanning the flames over the years. Whatnationaldayisit.com has one, and even Urban Dictionary has its own specific date. Both days do not align, and it’s not good enough for us Fortnite fanatics.

People have created petitions to talk to “the government” in order to create their own specific day to worship Epic Games. While their commitment is admirable, there is one issue for the celebratory movement.

After researching National Fortnite Day, there are two consistent elements. The first is its purpose. That is, to play Fortnite and only Fortnite. The other is the fact that no one knows when National Fortnite Day actually is. Fear not, I have some dates. I will not decide, it’s up to the Fortnite community.

When is National Fortnite Day?

(Image via Epic Games)
(Image via Epic Games)

National Fortnite Day has many potential dates. Since it hasn’t become a day indoctrinated into worldwide public holidays, we have some choices to make.

As per some publications, there are multiple dates for National Fortnite Day. These include:

However, these dates are mostly gibberish and have no specific reason for being the day we celebrate the glorious Fortnite. I propose we have the celebratory date on the day it was released. This would be July 21

Otherwise, we could just enjoy Fortnite every day. I for one, like that suggestion the most. Either way, let’s just find a day that suits everyone.

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